Kos gives huge props to Ron Wyden

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Calling Senator Ron Wyden "The biggest SOPA/PIPA hero", Markos Moulitsas gives credit where it's due:

Late last year, it was nearly a given that SOPA/PIPA would pass to law, with the support of an overwhelmingly large number of senators and congressmen, and tens of millions of dollars in lobbyist money greasing the skids.

Then a single lonely voice rose in opposition in the Senate Ron Wyden of Oregon. Online and on television, he single-handedly focused attention on the bill.

His promise to filibuster the bill on Nov. 28, 2011, catalyzed opposition that culminated in Wednesday's day of action and the subsequent defeat (for now) of the legislation.

The Washington Post's Greg Sargent checked in with Wyden about the big victory:

I just got off the phone with Senator Ron Wyden, the primary driver of opposition to the bill within the Senate, and he confirmed that the [Senate Democratic] leadership grasps the depth of the problems with its approach, and is ready to address them head on.

“I talked to Senator Schumer last night, and I believe it’s going to be a new day in the Senate,” Wyden said. “What we’ve seen over the last few weeks from the grassroots is a time for the history books.” The win is a triumph over very powerful special interests, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, major content providers, and big unions, who had supported the bills. ...

“Democratic progressive values are what the internet is all about. If you’re concerned about income equality or what Occupy Wall Street is talking about, the Internet is where you take on the moneyed interests. The Internet is the equalizer — the voice of the grassroots.”

“What has happened in the last few weeks will permanently change the way citizens communicate with their government,” Wyden concluded. “This is a new day.”

Bravo, Senator Wyden. Thank you.

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