OR-1: Dave Frohnmayer endorses Bonamici (updated: new poll numbers)

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Moments ago, Suzanne Bonamici announced a big suite of endorsements from public safety types - a bunch of county DAs, local firefighters unions, and former AGs.

Not a lot of surprises there, except one: former attorney general (and UO president) Dave Frohnmayer.

After all, Frohnmayer was the last Republican elected attorney general - and a Republican candidate for Governor in 1990.

This year, Rob Cornilles has been desperately trying to convince Oregonians that he's a nice, moderate Republican in the mold of Gordon Smith and, well, Dave Frohnmayer. But, of course, Cornilles previously bragged that he was "the original Tea Party candidate".

Frohnmayer's endorsement of Bonamici is big. It should put a freeze the ongoing attempts by Cornilles to fundraise from those moderate business types that vote Republican but don't much like the Tea Party and the right-wing social conservatives.

Update: Also today, a new SurveyUSA poll shows Bonamici with a 50-39 lead over Cornilles (2% each for the Libertarian and OPP candidates, and just 7% undecided). Among Democrats, she leads 92-6, with 2% undecided. Among Republicans, Cornilles leads 85-4, with 9% undecided. That enthusiasm gap is revealed here in this Frohnmayer endorsement. (Among non-affiliated and minor party voters, it's 41-40 for Bonamici, with 5% for the Libertarian, 4% for the OPP candidate, and 10% undecided.) [Hat tip to David Nir at Daily Kos.]

On the jump, the full public safety endorsement statement from Bonamici.

Oregon’s Public Safety Community Endorses Bonamici for Congress

Beaverton, Ore (January 5, 2012) – The Bonamici campaign today announced that Oregon’s attorneys general, district attorneys, police officers and fire fighters agree that Suzanne Bonamici is the clear choice in the election for Oregon’s First Congressional District.

“It is an honor to have the support of so many people we trust to keep our communities safe,” Bonamici said. “As a member of Congress, I will work with Oregon’s public safety community to see that they have the resources to do their jobs and that we also prevent crime before it happens by investing in social services and education.”

Attorney General John Kroger
Former Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer
Former Attorney General Hardy Myers

Tigard Police Officers Association, Glenn Scruggs: “Keeping our communities safe is a team effort. We do our job best when our fellow community members look out for each other and when our elected officials support officer training programs, crime prevention services and a strong system of public education for all. With Suzanne, we know that we can count on her support of all the ways we can keep our communities safe.”

Washington County District Attorney Bob Hermann: “I endorse Suzanne's candidacy because she is known for her integrity. She is a true representative that does her homework and listens to all stakeholders when making decisions - decisions that are in the best interest of those she was elected to serve. Because Suzanne approaches her work in this way, we can trust her in Congress to do what is best for our communities.”

Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote
Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis
Lincoln County District Attorney Rob Bovett
Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schrunk
Tillamook County District Attorney William Porter

Oregon State Fire Fighters Council, Kelly Bach: “We trust that Suzanne will stay focused on Oregon and what's best for the safety of our communities. She recognizes and respects the work we do every day, and with her, Oregon's fire fighters will have a true partner in Congress.”

Tualatin Valley Professional Firefighters
Newberg Professional Firefighters
Forest Grove Professional Firefighters
Washington County District 2 Professional Firefighters
Cornelius Professional Firefighters
Scappoose Professional Firefighters
Clatskanie Professional Firefighters

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    This is what happens when the GOP turns into an extremist fringe party that throws out its best talent and pragmatic leaders. Kudos to Dave Frohenmayer for common sense.

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    Is that the same Dave Frohnmayer I noticed on the PERS list drawing 21,000 dollars per month out of the people of Oregon. Can't a guy like that make 10,000 dollars per month work.

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    "...those moderate business types that vote Republican but don't much like the Tea Party and the right-wing social conservatives."

    I think you just perfectly described me!:)(Although, I do vote for the D's as well, including Westlund and Wyden in previous elections.)

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    Cornilles identification with the darker side of tea party politics should not be forgotten. Thats a road a lot of people in this country are beginning to regret having wandered down.

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