OR-1: Tuesday is Election Day

Carla Hanson

By Carla "KC" Hanson of Portland, Oregon. KC is the Chair of the Multnomah County Democratic Party.

It seems on the left we usually have more difficulty putting our zeal in check and focusing in on the task at hand - electing the good folk that will cast votes for the people rather than play conduit for corporate power.

We lefties love nuance, details and the intricacy of policy; we are unabashedly critical, and unafraid to call out our folk when we perceive bad behavior. Whether we are keeping ourselves honest, or simply hypersensitive and jittery from years of right-wing political lashes, we tend to bark and yelp at one another a LOT. We then have a tough time shifting into ELECTION gear.

... and the GOP just loves it when we do.

While I admit it's a nice change to see the knuckleheads on the right slamming one another as they slog thru endless debates, primaries and caucuses, now is not the time sit back and enjoy the show.

Ignored by the national press - yes, even our pals on MNSBC - the Oregon CD 1 race has received no where near the pub that NY 26 nor NY 9 did when those vacated seats went up for grabs. The GOP storm has just about completely obscured this race, but it's no less important. We stay lazy, distracted or discontented at our own peril.

Right now, CD 1 Republicans have returned more of their ballots than have Democrats and other progressive folk. Ballots are DUE Tuesday at 8 p.m. We need to be sure our CD 1 friends and neighbors drop their ballots off TODAY at their local library or county elections office.

If you are CD 1, get that &^&$# ballot in! (Please). If you are NOT in CD 1, there are still plenty of ways you can lend a hand.

Democratic victories of 2012 start here and now. Just VOTE, baby!

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