OR-AG: Katherine Heekin bows out

Carla Axtman

Looks like the Oregon AG's race will move forward without Katherine Heekin.

Heekin announced yesterday that she's dropping out. From the press release:

“This has not been an easy decision, but my law firm clients and my family must come first right now,” said Heekin. “I decided to run for this office because I felt compelled to fight for consumers, small business owners, and working families, and to hold the liars, cheaters and criminals accountable. I am still committed to this fight, and will continue to advocate for fairness and justice for all, in my law practice and in public service in the future.”

During her campaign, Heekin stressed the need to deal comprehensively with the mortgage and financial crisis, address issues of cyber security to protect Oregonians’ privacy, and ensure that we are working collaboratively to understand the cycle of abuse and neglect and find solutions to support families at risk and protect the children in our community.

This leaves Dwight Holton and Ellen Rosenblum as the only two candidates currently in the race.

Heekin said that she has not decided which of the other candidates to endorse in the primary.

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    It is sad, I hope she runs again soon. She would have been awesome in the position.

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    Katherine would have been an amazing Attorney General, we should keep her name front and center for next time. Oregon would have been a better place with someone of the caliber of Katherine.

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