Michelle Obama to deliver commencement address at Oregon State

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Big news for the 2012 class at Oregon State University: First Lady Michelle Obama will deliver this year's commencement address.

From the O's Charlie Pope:

Aside from the family connection, the White House statement said the she was drawn to OSU because "student body has been recognized for its efforts to promote healthy communities by organizing large scale food donation drives. OSU researchers also have worked to identify factors that lead to childhood obesity and are developing prevention programs for school districts, parents and health care providers to help improve children's' health."

Those issues have been a major focus of her work as First Lady.

"Mrs. Obama’s leadership to improve the health of our nation’s communities and reduce obesity among young people is outstanding,” said Ed Ray, the university's president. “And her efforts are very much in keeping with Oregon State’s overall mission. As a top tier land grant university, we are focused on academic programs, research and outreach and engagement that promote healthy people, a healthy environment and a healthy economy."

Graduation is June 17. It's not a public event and you can't buy tickets. Each graduate gets tickets to distribute to their family and friends.

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