Mike Schaufler takes $3000 from Koch Industries

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Unbelievable. Rep. Mike Schaufler has taken $3000 from Koch Industries - the multinational chemical conglomerate run by right-wing billionaires Charles and David Koch. I think it's fair to say that Schaufler has lost his last remaining shred of credibility with Democrats.

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If that outrages you as much as it does me, I hope you'll donate to his Democratic primary opponent, Jeff Reardon, right here. Let's see if we can match (or beat!) the donation. It's bad enough when Republicans take money from the Koch Brothers. But Democrats? Unacceptable.

Incidentally, the Oregonian this morning endorsed Jeff Reardon.

The Working Families Party weighed in on the Koch donation, too:

“Mike Schaufler has completely sold out his values and the working families of District 48 by taking $3000 from the two brothers who have single-handedly made it their mission to dismantle all unions and buy elections for their favored candidates,” said Working Families Party State Director Steve Hughes. “As some of the most strident voices in America today, the Koch Brothers have apparently found an Oregon ally in Mike Schaufler. Mike now consistently votes with the Wall Street banks and is funded by corporate special interests across the country.

“This should give every working person in Oregon pause to ask which side is Mike Schaufler really on?”

Despite having lost significant union support during this election cycle, Mike Schaufler still claims to be the “labor candidate” in the race for House District 48. However, labor leaders were shocked by the news that Mike Schaufler had taken money from the notoriously anti-union Koch brothers.

“For Mike Schaufler to claim to represent working people and then take money from the Koch brothers is just a flat out insult to our nearly 20,000 members,” said Jeff Anderson the Secretary Treasurer of the United Food and Commercial Workers, the largest private sector union in the state. “It’s bad enough Mike sided with big banks and big business last session. Now he’s bellied up to one of the most right wing, anti-family, and anti-worker groups out there.”

Seriously, donate to Jeff Reardon right now. It's crunch time.

Update: The Working Families Party has organized a petition to demand that Rep. Schaufler return the donation from Koch Industries. Sign it here.

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      I would suggest signing the one petition that really counts if you live in the district, voting him out will send the biggest message.

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    I made a donation to Reardon's campaign. It appears that Schaufler has totally blown off the Democratic Party. If he wins, we can expect him to switch parties after the election.

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    The Oregon League of Conservation Voters is hosing phone banks for Jeff Reardon every Tuesday and Thursday night at our offices (133 SW Second Ave., Suite 200). Go to www.olcv.org/events to sign up and help keep Koch money out of Oregon!

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    Presumably this allows the Koch Brothers to say that they're bipartisan -- "we gave money to a Democrat!" I wonder if they know the money might be used to pay a tab at Magoo's?

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    What could be a clearer indication of the stakes in the House district #48 race and the differences represented by the two candidates in the Democratic primary than the recent out of state contribution from Koch Industries to Mike Schaufler while Jeff Reardon has the active support of Democratic officeholders, past and present, who actually LIVE IN district 48? That includes Rep Dave Hunt who represented the Clackamas portion of the redistricted district #48, Senator Rod Monroe who represents that district in the State Senate and me, Mary Wendy Roberts, who represented the Multnomah portion of the district in the House and the Senate prior to being elected State Labor Commissioner. It also says something that other legislators and former Gov.Barbara Roberts have joined us in endorsing Jeff Reardon against the incumbent. Just take a look at the finance reports and compare where the candidates have been getting their support. Recent polls may indicate Schaufler is in trouble in his district. The results have not been released by Schaufler supporters so they likely are not positive signs for him. Yes the race is for the support of those of us who actually live in District 48 not for those he pleases in the watering holes of Salem and certainly not in the offices of Koch Industries..

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    Much as I understand the Koch brothers make for a great political talking point, allow me to inject some facts. Koch Industries owns Georgia Pacific, pays living wages and has many union members in their ranks. Not pissing on your Koch-hating fire here but the demonizing rhetoric of all things Koch seems to have flared well beyond hyperbole. Just sayin'.

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      The only reason there are still unions at those Georgia-Pacific plants is that the Koch Bros. haven't seen fit to pour sufficient funds into breaking those unions. I'm sure it's on their to-do list, though.

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    Full disclosure: My firm has been retained to produce online advertising in this race, not funded by either campaign. I speak only for myself.

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