Holvey: Schaufler is an embarrassment

By Rep. Paul Holvey of Eugene, Oregon. Rep. Holvey is one of twelve Democratic legislators to endorse Jeff Reardon in his primary challenge to Rep. Mike Schaufler.

Rep. Mike Schaufler’s performance in the Oregon Legislature is an embarrassment.

Schaufler consistently votes with Republicans for tax breaks to big business, instead of filling budget holes for our schools and seniors. Then he blames school board members, including his opponent, Jeff Reardon for making cuts to balance their inadequate budgets.

Schaufler constantly votes against consumer protections for Oregon families. He holds good bills hostage to please his lobbyist buddies. In exchange, these lobbyists pay for his travels, food, gas, and bar tabs through his campaign account. They are throwing thousands of dollars into his race to keep him in office to deliver their agenda.

Democrats in District 48 should reclaim their voice in the legislature and vote for Jeff Reardon, the real Democrat who will represent their interests. Reardon supports Democratic values and Oregon families. It’s time for a change in District 48, move Oregon forward, vote Reardon.

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    Schaufler has been an opponent of workplace rights for medical marijuana patients. That is why I voted for Jeff Reardon. Because new ears might be more receptive than the stone block I have faced with the current fellow.

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