Irony, thy name is Romney

Paul Evans

By Paul Evans of Scappoose, Oregon. Paul is an Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan. He is also a former mayor of Monmouth.

Last week the Romney campaign sent out spokespeople, surrogates, and wanna-be VPs to explain to the American public that Romney is best prepared to move our country forward because of his business experience: while simultaneously camouflaging some pretty relevant truths. It would be called dark comedy under other circumstances. However, it apparently represents the sad state of modern politics. Either Romney just doesn’t “get it,” or he understands more about the American psyche than I want to admit.

First, Romney is uncomfortable with people knowing about his personal wealth. He discloses what the law requires – only. Drip by drip, his campaign releases information as a last resort. Irony: Romney demands Obama increase transparency while seeking privacy for his own affairs.

Second, Romney dares to suggest (through his campaign, if not directly) that there is no correlation between his personal fortune – most specifically, how it was amassed – and his professional life (this campaign for President). Irony: Romney benefits personally from off-shore accounts, sending jobs overseas, and from short-sighted corporate earnings while claiming frustration with the inability of Obama to generate more domestic jobs.

And third, Romney stares (like other Republicans supporting him) into cameras on a daily basis pointing to the failures of the Obama Administration to implement the changes necessary for an American Recovery despite promoting policies, procedures, and programs to defeat the Obama Agenda. Irony: Republicans have bet the White House on the ability to win back the “Middle Class,” despite the failure of recent Republican Administrations – and in the face of Republican skulduggery on each, every initiative advanced by the Obama Administration to revitalize the American Economy.

To a degree not witnessed since the 1850s, the Congress has become an impediment to compromise. In the majority – or minority – the Republicans on Capitol Hill are committed to using every weapon available against Obama. The result is undeniable: America is on the verge of bankruptcy, our tax code incentivizes sending factories and jobs overseas, and corporate profits held in off-shore accounts are shielded from the taxes middle class people must pay.

To emphasize this outrageous irony, the Republicans have fielded the most out-of-touch, blue-blooded, “corporateer” put forward as a Presidential Nominee since Warren G. Harding.

I don’t hate Romney. I don’t even know him. And I don’t love President Obama. I don’t know him either. But I respect him.

I respect leaders that stand and fight: people that advance an agenda, hold firm onto principle, and do what they can with what they have.

The time for hypocrisy and secrecy is past. Keep it there. America needs leaders that will collaborate and cooperate in order to facilitate progress. America needs patriots that will invest personal and professional fortunes into American jobs for American workers – not because they have to, but because they want to. And we need Americans to wake up and take this election seriously – so that we make the best choice possible.

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    Very well said!

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    Paul, well written. The only difference I have is that I love Obama. He is my favorite President in my lifetime.

    The other point I would emphasize is that when the Republican party was run by people like Hatfield and Eisenhower, businessmen like Romney's father viewed their role as more than maximizing their personal wealth or even the shareholder's wealth. They thought that business leaders had an obligation to employees and the communities they worked in. They were also real patriots concerned about the success of our country. Now, Republicans and too many CEO's claim they have no obligations other than maximizing shareholder and their own wealth.

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    I wish President Obama held firm onto principle more, on principles other than elevating compromise to a principle rather than a necessity of practical politics, and that he stood and fought more for principles. (On principles abandoned the clearest area is his breaking his promises about war powers presidential power claims, civil liberties and matters like assassinations policy.)

    I am scared to death that he and the national Democratic Congressional leadership are preparing to sell us out on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in a post-November lame duck "Grand Bargain."

    The lack of clear principle from the White House and Nancy Pelosi's recent signals of willingness to sell us out make it hard to muster enthusiasm.

    Just sayin' ...

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      Seems like the far left leaves no opportunity to concern troll on the president, even now when the President is opening an attack on the Ryan Budget and its agenda to end Medicare, Medicaid. He is fighting a battle to keep precisely what you claim to be fighting for. Why this ridiculous rant? If you really want to bring down the Democratic Party, then have at it, but this continual Naderite sniping and sewing distrust really helps Romney and the enemies of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.. Just saying'......

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    'Either Romney just doesn’t “get it,” or he understands more about the American psyche than I want to admit.'

    My guess is he doesn't get it, but his consultants that he pays millions of dollars for campaign advice do...and he will gladly do whatever they say.

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    Paul, the two paragraphs beginning with, "To a degree not witnessed since the 1850's" completely sums up the problem in the US Govt, and clarifies what people mean when they say they hate this congress and want to can em all and start fresh. If voters were not so rigid (and blinded by prejudice) in their views, they might just toss out the garbage, replacing it with decent human beings, while keeping the good legislators with bold, productive ideas and vision - leaders who are hamstrung by the gop and their overlords.

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