HD-30: David Robinson throws his hat in the ring

Carla Axtman

HD-30: David Robinson throws his hat in the ring

Recently, Democrat Joe Gallegos announced that the would challenge Republican Shawn Lindsay for the House District 30. The other announced Democrat who wants to vie for the seat is former Navy Reserve Commander and small business owner David Robinson.

A former Marine, Robinson is also a graduate of the US Naval Academy and holds a Master of Science degree in Civil (Ocean) Engineering from Oregon State University. He also has an MBA from Willamette University.

Robinson led the Navy’s Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation consultations with numerous Native American tribes. He also served as Director of Civil-Military Operations for Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa, where he directed the US Government’s Humanitarian Assistance program in Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen and other countries in the region.

Later in his career, Robinson was director of facilities and fleets for the City of Hillsboro. He led the design and construction of the Hillsboro Intermodal Transit Facility, construction of new fire stations and the installation of the first electric vehicle charging stations in Hillsboro.

Robinson mounted an unsuccessful primary challenge in 2009 against Democratic Congressman David Wu.

Currently, Robinson says he's leading an internet company through the start up and launch phases.

"I'm running because we're trying to start a family. This is a community where we want to raise our kids. I've located my new company here and I don't think the current representative is doing the right job for our community and the state," Robinson said.

As a legislator, Robinson said that his first priority and focus would be getting people back to work and balancing the state budget. "We need to make sure that the budget is balanced so people are confident. We have to hold the line on services and expand where we can, especially with healthcare," Robinson said. "We can be a model for the nation."

Robinson also discussed the need for Oregon to improve our education systems. "We continue to move public dollars to private services. That's the wrong direction." he said. "We need to have schools that give kids what they need to succeed in a changing world. We're losing too many kids to dropping out."

Robinson says that he believes he can have a positive impact for his district in the legislature. "I know this community. Not just the business side, not just the government side. I know the farmlands. I've biked there. I've walked the neighborhoods. My previous government and business experience is a combination that that neither my Democratic opponent or Shawn Lindsay bring to the table."

The Washington County Democratic Party will decide on July 21st if it will be Gallegos or Robinson to challenge Lindsay for the seat.

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    David is a great candidate and will be great representative.  I've worked with him in the past and he is well liked, hard working, and has significant endorsements.  He is the candidate that can and will win the district in November.

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    And will there be another Blue Oregon blog focusing on the other Democratic candidate, Joseph Gallegos?

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    @Mark Bunster. Not sure what your comment means concerning the county party? The PCPs in HD30 will vote to choose the replacement candidate for Adriana Canas.

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    Hi again, I just clicked on the Joe Gallegos link in your article Carla and saw that you indeed did do a blog on Joe Gallegos.

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    Wish I could be there to watch this vote happen. I'm sure the PCPs in HD 30 will make a great choice in Robinson for their representative. Make Oregon a healthcare model for the nation, get education funded properly- things we can all get behind!

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    I know David Robinson both personally and professionally. He is truly one of the greatest men I have met in my lifetime (I'm 61 now). David has a great intellect and is truly a visionary. His integrity is unquestionable and he is a tireless bull dog - he is exactly the type of individual that we need (and is all too rare these days) in government. The people in HD30 would be fortunate indeed to have David to represent them!

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