From Afghanistan to Portland and back again

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Tuesday night, Jon Stewart's Daily Show featured U.S. Army translator and cultural advisor Saima Wahab. Wahab is the author of a book - as Stewart put it - "about her experience growing up in Afghanistan and Portland, Oregon."

From her bio:

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, at age three Saima Wahab watched while her father was arrested and taken from their home by the KGB. She would never see him again. When she was fifteen an uncle who lived in Portland, Oregon brought her to America.

Watch the interview to learn more of her story - including the surprisingly progressive (feminist?) views of her Pashtun grandfather. Great stuff. Once again, Stewart proves that his is the only interview show worth watching on late-night television.

The book is called In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate. There's more at Powell's Books


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