The new Obama ad, starring Bill Clinton.

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As I wrote back in April 2008, as the Barack & Hillary Show was headed to Oregon, I am a Clinton man. I am in politics today because I was inspired by his call to service in 1992.

Four years ago:

The messages and themes of that 1992 campaign live on today -- in the campaign of Barack Obama. It's Barack Obama who is inspiring yet another new generation of Americans. It's Barack Obama who is fighting against the entrenched Washington insiders that stifle debate and impede progress. It's Barack Obama that understands that "hope" isn't just a bumper sticker, but a vision and promise of a better country.

I have no doubt in my mind that if his wife weren't running, Bill Clinton would be Barack Obama's #1 supporter in this presidential campaign.

I love Bill Clinton. And all these years later, I still believe in him and his vision. Like many people I know, I work in politics today because of his call to service. I am a Clinton man.

And that's why I support Barack Obama for President.

And that's why I'm thrilled that President Clinton is taking to the airwaves to make the case for President Obama's re-election.

Starting today, this ad is airing in New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. Enjoy.


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    I was a volunteer in the Clinton campaign in 92', and so was allowed to attend a fundraiser at the Benson where I met Bill Clinton and had brief exchange. He loved being with people and campaigning, and still does. I drove in his motorcade with a van of press people, chauffeur for Gwen Ifill who rose to national prominence during that campaign. I attended Bill Clinton's inauguration with my family. I was deeply saddened at the failure of passage of his health care plan and outraged at the level of abuse and slander he and Hillary underwent at the hands of the right wing.(GOP operatives used to circulate videos by Jerry Falwell accusing the Clintons of murder. ) Bill Clinton, despite his personal failings, was a warrior who held off the barbarians at the gate, who wanted to bring down Medicare and the rest of the safety net. Bill Clinton is the only true fiscal conservative we have had in this country in the course of my lifetime. We thrived economically under his tax rates. We were gifted to have a master politician and statesman during the 90s. So I am glad to see his unqualified advocacy for Democratic ideals and values in the Obama campaign. And I am hopeful that Hillary will reconsider running in 2016. Bill and Hillary Clinton are symbols of peace and prosperity under Democratic Party leadership and policies.

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    As important as it may be to have Clinton cutting these spots for Obama, it's more than a little ironic to have him warning about Republicans wanting to go back to deregulation. That's true enough - but let's not forget it was Clinton whose administration pushed right alongside them to deregulate Wall Street (through things like the Commodities Future Modernization Act) - with disastrous consequences that set the stage for the Great Recession.

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      What the average voter remembers is the period of prosperity and peace during the Clinton times in contrast to what has followed. And the average voter needs to be reminded that the Clinton tax rates funded government leading to a surplus(what Obama wants to return to for the rich), and brought about the greatest economic expansion with the lowest unemployment rates in modern times. The Clinton policies unmasked the lie of trickle down 'voodoo' economics. George H.W. Bush was right about that one when he ran against Reagan.

      Bill Clinton was both the greatest fiscal conservative of our time meeting budget limits and also the greatest growth president of our times. Ronald Reagan, GHWB, and GWB all ran record deficits and ran up the national debt percentage-wise more than any Democrat has.

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    GATT into WTO, NAFTA, the Telecommunications Act of 1996, repeal of Glass-Steagall, block grants to states in place of traditional welfare, Larry Summers stopping the regulation of derivatives... the legacy of Clinton (which does indeed live on in Obama).

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    Permanent normal trade relations with China.

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    You should change the name of this site to: Blue-Dog Oregon.

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    And, Clinton personally destroyed the rice-farming in Haiti by forcing Artistide to accept dumping of US rice, among other neoliberal measure he forced upon him.

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