That's how you stand up to a Tea Party tracker

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Clackamas County is ground zero for the Tea Party. And they're going in big to take over the Clackamas County Commssion.

Their latest tactic is going beyond doing basic video-tracking, and actually using tracker goons to chase after elected officials to ask harassing gotcha questions.

Over the weekend, one of their tracker goons posted a video of himself harassing Clackamas County Chair Charlotte Lehan over light rail - at a Labor Day picnic.

Hilariously, the tracker goon posted the video even though Lehan owned his ass.

Check it out - it's just 24 seconds.

Lehan: 17,000 workers, this is money coming in to --

Tea Party Goon: Wouldn't those just be temporary jobs though - just to build the infrastructure?

Lehan: What are you doing here? Every construction job is a temporary job. You tell that to a plumber. You tell that to a carpenter.

Tea Party Goon: But my dad was a plumber.

Lehan: OK, and every job he works is a temporary job. That doesn't mean he's a temporary plumber. I gotta go.

Tea Party Goon (desperately): I, I, I, I have more questions!

Awesome. That's how you handle a tracker goon with grace, intelligence and wit.

Sure, full-time long-term jobs are good. But let's not pretend that construction jobs are worthless, just because they're short-term.

And for that matter, I'm always amused by folks who jump up and down about "temporary" jobs - when that spending is producing something of permanent lasting value, like infrastructure.

*If you want to help Charlotte beat back the Tea Party in Clackamas County, donate here, volunteer here, and join her on Facebook here.


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