Hometown Heroes Return

Paul Evans

The 1186 Military Police Company is home...

Sent into places with names like Camp Eggers, Camp Phoenix, Bala Hassar, and Kabul - these men and women performed hard jobs under the most extreme circumstances known.

Because of them - and their courage - people were kept safe, people were able to transport goods to and from markets, and villages (and the villagers living within them) have enjoyed a more peaceful time.

Mission accomplished without loss of life: Thank God.

After a year overseas, the 105 person military police unit (from Milton-Freewater, Salem, and townships across Oregon) will be formally Demobilized tomorrow morning at 0900 at Chemeketa Community College...

For those who have never attended a ceremony like this I highly recommend it: this generation of warriors has the distinction of serving at a time when the nation - and the world - has turned its attention elsewhere.

The citizen-soldiers that will be standing in uniform before their families, friends, and representatives of our State of Oregon are men and women that understand the meaning of duty, live honor, and love our country.

Now they will be able to return to the job, neighborhood, and Little League games - now they can rebuild a life that will be forever touched by their sacrifices.

In the midst of the campaign madness, it is fitting and proper for all of us preparing to make a decision about the next commander-in-chief to take at least a moment to recognize the folks who have been bearing the true price of the wars our nation sent them to fight on our behalf.

Tomorrow Oregon will be stronger, tomorrow 105 of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, family and friends are back home - and we are stronger because of their return.

Congratulations 1186 MP Co - job well done! Thank you for making this latest chapter of our Oregon National Guard history such a remarkable chapter.

Enjoy the celebration, and take the time you and your families need to transition home. We have missed you, and we need you!

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    The reunions are truly touching. May we be a nation that takes care of those warriors who have taken care of us, and may we re-elect a president whose leadership makes that happen.

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    Error: Romney is not up for re-election. Obama has never had a soft spot for the military and that is why veterans of the armed forces support Mitt Romney in such great numbers. The Gallup poll shows 58 percent of veterans prefer Romney, compared to 34 percent who support the president.

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    Yet it was the GOP that blocked a bill to help returning veterans find jobs. Even the four Republican Senators that helped write the bill voted to filabuster against it in the Senate. This was partisan politics that hurt our veterans,

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    As the proud son of a veteran I am so saddened to see a tribute post immediately devolve to partisan polemic.

    Seriously, I welcome home those citizen soldiers who have been called to active duty and wish all would share in this celebration. The Patriot Guard Riders will be there, proudly standing for those who have stood for us.

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    Off-topic but Obama admin. set to offer two federal national health care plans offered under state exchanges as public not-for-profit insurance for those not served or not opting for private insurance. Will certainly be a resource for veterans and all of us who are not otherwise served by existing coverage. May serve as the public option that many of us wanted. http://t.co/I3iQleBr

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