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The clock is ticking on this election. Ballots are in voters' hands, and we've got just two canvassing weekends left before it's all over.

There may not be a candidate for Mayor that's got majority support from Portland voters, but there's clearly a majority of voters who are disappointed in the tone of the campaign.

If you're one of the many folks who has thrown up your hands at the mayor's race, but you'd still like to be an activist this weekend, hit the doors or the phones, and do something important and positive, I'd humbly suggest getting involved with the Portland School Bond campaign.

The school bond is inspiring, important, and relatively noncontroversial (unless you're one of those right-wing loons with the PolitiFact rip-off billboards.) And yet, the campaign needs your help to win. Expectations are that the vote could be very close.

To Jefferson Smith's great credit, he's donated $5000 to the school bond campaign - and has asked his supporters to match it. And he's dedicated substantial staff and volunteer resources to helping the bond campaign as well.

Just two weekends left to put our schools on a path to reinvestment and rebuilding. Visit the Our Portland, Our Schools website to get involved.


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    Another way to get involved is to help out with the Multnomah County Democrats Slate Card drop. These cards have Democratic candidates on one side and the County Party's ballot measure endorsements on the other side. It's an easy gig...you are given cards and a map. You walk and stick the cards in the doors---no knocking or talking, just walk and drop.

    Contact your Democratic Party District Leader or KC Hanson [email protected] or Teddy Keizer [email protected] for more info. Help us turn out the vote for ALL the candidates/measures!


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