Write-in votes for Mayor?

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As far as I can tell, it seems that social media is aflame with discussion about various possible write-in votes in the Portland mayor's race.

I had been correcting people saying, self-assuredly, "you can't do a write-in on a run-off election." Makes sense to me, given that the field has been narrowed to a top two.

But I was wrong.

I just checked in with Eric Sample, the eminently helpful communications guy at Multnomah County Elections. And the answer is: Yes, you can vote a write-in, even in a run-off election.

KATU News tweeted today that they'll have a new SurveyUSA poll out in the Mayor's race tomorrow. No word yet on whether they included "write-in" or "someone else" as an option.

Write-in suggestions I've heard include Sam Adams, Eileen Brady, Jeff Cogen, Jack Bogdanski, Randy Leonard, Thomas Lauderdale, and Jack Ohman. Any additional nominations for write-in consideration, folks?

For what it's worth, I'm still considering both Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith. But this flirtation with a write-in feels like a lovely respite for the moment.


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    +1 for whoever suggested Thomas Lauderdale -100 for whoever suggested Randy Leonard

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    amazing how many suggestions i've seen for non-Portlanders.

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    Interesting. The Charter seems to be specific in when you can nominate (ie, write in) someone--and it only mentions it for a general election, in the context of a situation where no one ran in the primary. (!!) The strong implication to me was that the time for nominating of any kind, whether by filing fee, application, or write-in, was before the choice had been specifically narrowed down to two.

    That said, there's not really a practical reason to disallow them in the general even if there are two candidates already...is there? What if both candidates were caught in a secret power sharing conspiracy for after the election? So while I was wrongly confident it wasn't allowed too, I think in the end it's the right thing to do.

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    Once again a failed blogger attacks a successful blogger on another's blog. Give him a big hand folks.

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    I'd relish the opportunity to vote for Sam Adams for another 4. I think the only way this would be viable is if Sam publicly stated he would be open to 4 more if written in. Would the local political machine tolerate such a move from an incumbent this late in the election season remains to be seen.

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    I will write in Dan Handelman, as the mayor is usually the police commissioner. Or maybe will write in Jo Ann Hardesty, for the same reason.

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    I don't think a write in would give our "fair and balanced" media outlets enough time to assassinate their character and gin up some stories.

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    Personally, I'd like for us to take a ride in the way-back machine and get Steve Novick into this race.

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    I'm writing in Eileen Brady for mayor. If you can't stomach any candidate please consider joining me!

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