HD-51: Patrick Sheehan votes for Shemia Fagan

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Hilarious letter to the editor in the Clackamas Review:

State Rep. Patrick D. Sheehan is giving me a bad name.

I didn’t mind sharing his name, until I found out that he was hosting fundraisers with lobbyists and started attacking his opponent’s former work experience (as a college student!). Then I had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with his opponent, Shemia Fagan, who knocked on my door recently. Her passion for our schools is refreshing—I can tell she’s serious about strengthening our schools because of what Oregon schools did for her.

I want our elected leaders to set a good example, and I want my children to be able to learn in a school system that is not harmed by rising class sizes and teachers being laid off! In the end, making up my mind to vote was pretty easy.

Say what you will about going against my heritage, this Patrick Sheehan voted for Shemia Fagan for state representative.

Patrick K. Sheehan

I remember back in 2008, a friend of mine in North Carolina named Gordon Smith endorsed Jeff Merkley. That was kinda fun.

Of course, the fact that this Patrick Sheehan actually lives in HD-51 makes this all that much more awesome. Almost as awesome as when legendary Eagles rocker Joe Walsh endorsed Tammy Duckworth, the Democratic challenger to Congressman Joe Walsh.

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    This afternoon canvassers gathered at Fagan-Gorsek-Monnes Anderson hq in Gresham were treated to pep talks from Suzanne Bonamici, Diane Rosenbaum and all three of the candidates. Shemia Fagan's was completely kick-ass, telling us a story from the doors illustrating the importance of voting to often voiceless people, and giving a brilliant concise and rousing precis of exactly what a GOTV canvass is for. I had my middle school daughter with me canvassing (her civics minded social studies teacher includes political canvassing as one way to meet his community service requirement) and it was fantastic to have her be able to meet a U.S. congresswoman and hear not just one but four great progressive women leaders. (She also met Chris Gorsek and Michael Dembrow who has been out in the area repeatedly; also great).

    Shemia Fagan offers great things for the future of Oregon and of the DPO within that, I think. Glad at least one Patrick Sheehan gets it.

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