Last chance for punditology

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Just a quick reminder, folks. Tonight at midnight is the deadline for the 2012 Punditology Challenge.

Who will win Secretary of State and Labor Commissioner? How many seats will the Democrats pick up in the Oregon House and Senate? Which ballot measures will pass and which will fail? What about the US Senate? And which states will Barack Obama and Mitt Romney win?

In 2008, top marks went to financial analyst and former campaign staffer Mike Linman, designer Maren Giobbi, and activist Nate Currie. In 2010, top marks went to Wayne Kinney - Oregon's Democratic National Committeeman and aide to Senator Wyden - followed by lobbyist Phil Donovan and campaign staffers Ryan Mann and Alan Fleischman. In the 2012 primary, our champs were Paul Ryan-BFF Joel Shapiro and PGE lobbyist Deane Funk.

Show us what you got. Do the Punditology Challenge. And on Tuesday morning, I'll let you know how the conventional wisdom shakes out. (Knowing full well that we're usually right, but when we're wrong, oh man we're spectacularly wrong.)


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