Save KPOJ: Bonamici and Blumenauer weigh in

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In a statement, Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici and Congressman Earl Blumenauer weighed in today on the KPOJ situation:

Radio is one of the most democratic means of sharing and discussing political views and ideas. Truck drivers, office workers, farmers, and stay-at-home-parents alike can all access a variety of views and resources on the radio while going through their daily tasks.

We are disappointed to learn that the lively conversation in Portland talk radio has lost one of its most interesting and thought-provoking voices. KPOJ was not only a home for progressives, but an important watchdog for government.

We encourage Clear Channel to reconsider this decision and revive the progressive talk radio format in the Portland market.

Radio broadcasters like Clear Channel are bound by public interest obligations in exchange for free and protected use of this publicly-owned resource. A diversity of freely-expressed views on the public airwaves is essential to furthering the civic discourse that defines our democracy.

Meanwhile, the Save KPOJ petition has cracked the 10,000-signature barrier -- and now stands at 10,712. In addition, a Save KPOJ petition launched on's SignOn petition site is up to 3581 signatures.

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