Today's moment of hilarity

Carla Axtman

The bubble is still intact:

Oregon Tea Party hearts Allen West

If you're still supporting the guy who acts like a two year old while readily invoking Nazis and is so thin-skinned that he needs liberals to "get the hell out of the United States of America", you're doing it wrong.

West also believes that American women are "neutering" men and is in a red hot hurry for the US to be the "Angel of Death" around the world.

If this is what the Tea Party wants to be the face of their movement, bring it on. Think the GOP lost badly this year? Please, do put your Lincoln-Jackson-Teddy makeover out in front of the cameras on a regular basis. That'll pretty much seal the deal against the GOP for the foreseeable future.

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    I love HOW the Tea Party writes in such an odd WAY. With capital letters seeminly not MAKING any sense (at least, if you're THINKING of them as somehow emphasizing THE word).

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    Of course Abraham Lincoln was a strong, even harsh opponent of Andrew Jackson's politics in a number of respects, most significantly of course on the issue of slavery. And Theodore Roosevelt, despite being an intellectual racist in the era of scientistic racism, and an imperialist, was also a proponent of a modern welfare state. The Tea Party should read the 1912 Progressive Party platform on which he ran and defeated conservative sitting president William Howard Taft, although unfortunately not Woodrow Wilson (an even worse racist).

    West also believes that the fact that a few members of the Progressive Caucus in Congress have some kind of loose connection to Democratic Socialists of America means the whole Progressive Caucus is Communist. The man is part of our national problem with the degradation of the actual meaning of words.

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    What intrigues me is that they're referring to him as Colonel Allen West, rather than as Congressman Allen West.

    Followed as it is by rhetoric of battles and war and fighting, well, it strikes me as an embrace of an anti-democratic and militaristic instinct - rather than a celebration of our democracy.

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    Wait a minute! The so called "Oregon Tea Party" and it's "leader" are not representative of the tea party (note the lower case "t" and "p"). This group from this website are the fringe right and do not have ANY claim to represent the TRUE tea party folks across Oregon or the US. Many have tried to take the tea party movement and turn it into political and personal gain, as the site quoted from above does but for the vast majority of "tea party" folks, no, it's just another small group trying to take advantage of a greater good. Don't lump us all together with this example. Let me repeat: THERE IS NO OREGON TEA PARTY there is only a tea party movement which, like any other grass roots movement has no leaders and is loosely affiliated with each other.

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