It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Get Paid

Chuck Sheketoff

The Oregon Coalition to Stop Wage Theft has just released their latest video of stories of wage theft in Oregon.

Wage theft can take many forms. It occurs, for example, when employers pay workers less than the minimum wage, don't pay time-and-a-half for overtime hours, cheat on the number of hours worked, steal tips or don't pay workers at all.

This particular video tells the story of Mark Hubbell, who was stiffed of most of the wages earned for painting someone’s house. It took him weeks of effort — and the backing of the community organizing group We Are Oregon — to get paid.

Unfortunately, Mark’s story is hardly unique. There’s evidence that wage theft is widespread in Oregon.

In the video, Mark has a message for the Oregon legislature: “There should be a way that the employers are held accountable.”

On Wednesday, March 13, starting at 8:00 a.m., the Oregon House Business and Labor Committee will hold a public hearing on three bills — HB 2977, HB 2976 and HB 3142 — that would deter wage theft and make it easier for workers like Mark to get paid the wages they’ve earned.

You can show up and show your support for legislation that would better protect Oregon workers from wage theft.

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