Wild speculation: Blumenauer to US Dept of Transportation? And who runs for Congress?

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It's been over a month now since Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced that he intends to leave his post as soon as a successor is confirmed. Yet, while the President has filled a number of Cabinet posts, there's precious little chatter about the Secretary of Transportation slot.

And so, it's time for a little wild speculation here at BlueOregon.

Four years ago, before the Republican Congressman from Peoria was picked, there was a lot of talk about a certain Democratic Congressman from Portland -- namely, our own Earl Blumenauer.

And once again, his name is coming up as a possible nominee. Governing Magazine, whose list of possibles includes over a dozen options, lists Blumenauer as the only current member of Congress who might be an option. And it seems to me that the Obama Administration has had a preference for stealing folks from the Hill.

So, folks, my first question is: If you were advising Blumenauer, would you tell him to take the job if offered?

Of course, if Blumenauer were to resign his seat in Congress, we'd be looking at a special election here in Oregon. Which leads to an equally fascinating bit of wild speculation: If we have a special election for Congress this spring, who could and should run?

Here's my not-very-short short list, in alpha order, of potential candidates:

I'm pretty sure everyone I've listed above actually lives in the district (not that that's technically a requirement). See a map here. As compared to the old 2001 map, OR-3 now extends well into SW Portland.

So, let's have some thinking-out-loud here. Who do you think would run? Who do you think should run? Have I forgotten anyone that you think oughta be in the mix?


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