Now is the time for action on gun violence

Nova Newcomer

It's been a little over 100 days since the Newtown and Clackamas Town Center tragedies and all across the country, moms and dads and other concerned citizens have been making their voices heard to keep this issue at the forefront. No more can we just shed tears, we must act.

On Thursday, April 4, the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence will hold a legislative day of action, including a march to and rally at the Capitol steps and meetings throughout the day, asking legislators to join us in this fight to prevent more gun violence.

As the event has drawn closer, it has become evident that there will be a counter demonstration and that there are likely to be guns present, including one man specifically saying he will be bringing his AR-15. Our hope is that there can be a peaceful and non-intimidating call to action to prevent gun violence. The rally will include speakers who have been affected by gun violence and also gun owners who support common sense solutions.

Live updates from the event will be on Twitter. Follow and join the rally using the hashtags #April4Action and #Nowisthetime to join the national conversation.

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