In name of "jobs", another giveaway to big business?!

By Jody Wiser of Portland, Oregon. Jody runs the citizen watchdog group, Tax Fairness Oregon. Previously, she contributed "The enormous tax break for the rich hidden in Measure 84".

Yet again, in the name of “jobs,” legislators have an idea for how to take personal income taxes and give them to business. There’s a new idea nearly every session (pdf) for how to enrich business in the name of jobs.

This year could be "Industrial Land Readiness". Legislators are being convinced that it is now the state’s responsibility to get land ready for industrial development. Under SB 246A, the state could pick up 100% of the cost of everything from buying land to putting in streets, gutters and water lines. Land development has always been a responsibility of land owners, developers, businesses, counties and service districts – this bill would shift the responsibility to the state.

How will the state pay for it? By returning ½ the personal income taxes of employees who work on the improved properties.

How will the state do its own jobs with only ½ as much income? By firing teachers, home health workers and state troopers I suppose. Magically thinking says that another welfare bill for business will fix everything. Meanwhile, our kids sit in classrooms with 50 other students using 20-year-old science text books.

It’s time to give legislators a piece of your mind about this. Please sign this petition we’re co-sponsoring with BlueOregon. We’d love to be able to deliver to each legislator a list of constituents from their own district saying “NO on SB246A, the Industrial Land Readiness bill.”

To the Oregon Legislature:

Please say no to big business tax giveaways. The "Industrial Land Readiness" program is nothing but a tax subsidy that will drain funding from schools and vital services. We urge you to oppose SB 246A.

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