Top Ten Reasons the Republicans Won't Deal

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Last week, Governor Kitzhaber offered the Republicans a deal - a "grand bargain", to use the latest political term-du-jour.

The Republicans keep saying they won't consider more revenue unless Democrats offer up more PERS reform. So, the Governor offered them more PERS reform -- and the Republicans... inexplicably turned him down.

Over a few pitchers of fine Oregon craft beer this weekend, a few folks came up with this top 10 list.

(Remember the R's top ten earlier this year? Yeah, the bar is low.)

Top Ten Reasons the Republicans Won't Deal

  1. When we said we wanted a Day of the Cowboy, we didn't mean the one in the Governor's office.
  2. Hey, we didn't say Nope, we said Knopp.
  3. Sorry, we're too busy getting advice from Loren Parks on our love lives.
  4. Nominations for the 2013 ALEC Legislator of the Year are coming up - and the competition is fierce!
  5. Who's this Dr. Yes guy? We were promised Dr. No!
  6. Dennis Richardson needed to send a few more emails first.
  7. Keeping kids in overcrowded classrooms is the best way to prepare them for life in overcrowded prisons.
  8. Gross National Happiness? More like Gross National Grumpiness.
  9. What happens in Palm Springs, stays in Palm Springs.
  10. Because... Benghazi!


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