Help Bring Thom Hartmann Back To Portland!

Carla Axtman

When KPOJ ended their progressive talk radio format, the Save KPOJ movement spoke loud and clear: We want progressive talk on the air in Portland.

While Clear Channel didn't reverse course, the movement succeeded in restoring Carl Wolfson’s voice. Through his internet radio show, Carl is demonstrating that there’s a robust audience for progressive talk.

Together, we have a chance to take bring another progressive voice back to Portland: Thom Hartmann could be back on the air – live, on-your-FM-radio dial.

It’s true: Thom Hartmann has offered to let KBOO carry his show free-of-charge.

Thom is now the #1 progressive talk radio host in the nation. But with the takeover of KPOJ, he’s not on the air in Portland, one of the nation’s most progressive cities and where his show first started.

Sign the BlueOregon Action petition below to help bring Thom back to the region's airwaves.

KBOO’s nonprofit Board of Directors will be voting soon on whether or not to bring Thom Hartmann to their airwaves. We may not have been able to Save KPOJ, but we can get Thom back on the air in our area!

With all the insidious right wing talk filling the airwaves, it’s more important than ever for the region to get commentary on national and international news from a progressive voice.

Let’s bring Thom Hartmann back to Portland.

To the KBOO Board of Directors:

Now that KPOJ is dead, we're counting on KBOO to bring us great progressive talk radio in Portland. Thom Hartmann is the #1 progressive radio host in the nation, but his voice can't be heard in Portland.

Please add Thom Hartmann to the KBOO lineup, and add the Save KPOJ community to the KBOO audience!

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