Oregon GOP replaces one mess in favor of a bigger one

Carla Axtman

The Republican Party of Oregon has decided to opt for diving head first from the frying pan into the fire.

Christian Gaston, The Oregonian

The Oregon Republican Party elected former congressional candidate Art Robinson as its new chairman Saturday, putting an end to a months-long controversy over party leadership.

Chairwoman Suzanne Gallagher stepped down late Friday, just ahead of a recall vote brought by party officials accusing her of mismanaging the party and its finances since her February election.

Party leaders worked quickly to switch the recall effort into an election for a new chair which Robinson ultimately won on the third ballot in a 55-52 vote over party vice-chair Bill Currier. A third candidate, Larry Martin, was eliminated in the first round of balloting.


Where to begin.....

Robinson believes that Oregon State University targeted his children for expulsion because of his political beliefs. Robinson has challenged Congressman Peter DeFazio for re-election, and even though OSU is was in Kurt Schrader's district at the time, Robinson is certain that it's was a DeFazio stronghold in which the Congressman's largesse buys him their loyalty. Or something.

He has written that public schools are a form of child abuse and racism, and that they should be abolished.

Robinson has also declared that it'd be perfectly fine to just dilute nuclear waste and sprinkle it over America. He further claims that Oregonians should consider having the waste water in the drinking water supply in order to up our resistance to degenerative disease.

Yeah. You go first, Art.


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