Who are the ORGOP running for Guv? Check this out.

Carla Axtman

Oregon leads the nation in protecting reproductive freedom.

But the front runner for the Republican nomination for Oregon Governor doesn't think we should stay that way.

State Representative Dennis Richardson doesn’t think women are capable of making their own medical decisions on abortion or even birth control. He's even voted against sex education. Seriously.

Sign the petition NOW to tell Dennis Richardson that his views are out-of-step with Oregon.

Richardson isn't simply some fringe Republican, either. He’s been part of their leadership team in the legislature. This shows just how far afield the GOP have gone in our state.

Richardson was the chief sponsor of Measure 43, which would have required government-mandated parental notification, completely disregarding the potential harm to young women in abusive homes.

He has also consistently voted to outlaw insurance coverage for birth control and against medically-accurate sex education. These votes have helped Richardson line his coffers with cash from anti-choice extremists.

Sign today: Let Dennis Richardson know that Oregonians expect him to stay out of our personal medical decisions.

State Representative Dennis Richardson:

Oregon women deserve better than a candidate who wants to end a woman’s right to choose.

They deserve better than someone willing to put teens in danger through government-mandated parental notification, no matter what.

And they certainly deserve better than someone who votes repeatedly against better health care and reproductive freedom for women.

We, the undersigned, believe that your views are way too extreme for Oregon -- especially someone who wants to be Governor.

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