Jason Conger announces run for US Senate...?

Carla Axtman

Apparently, Jason Conger is running for US Senate. Even though there doesn't yet appear to be a single news story highlighting the announcement, he's got a website that has launched.

I'm guessing that the campaign accidentally pushed the button before they were supposed to. Historically these things don't go up until the official announcements are happening. Oops.

Pretty (and kinda odd) picture on the home page, I'll give him that.

Interesting sales pitch, however: “Oregon needs a Senator who doesn’t serve the special interests of Washington, but is instead focused on solving the problems we face – child hunger, poverty, job loss, failing schools and insolvent communities back here in Oregon.”

Yeah. We have a Senator like that already, Jason. His name is Jeff Merkley. And he's kicking ass at it.


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