KXRY 91.1FM: Progressive radio is back!

Carla Axtman

Progressive talk radio will soon be back on your FM dial, Portland.

XRAY.FM will be a local, not-for-profit, progressive radio station with an awesome combination of talk & music. XRAY.FM (91.1 KXRY) will air top-rated progressive talk shows as well as intricately-curated tunes from the widest array of genres in the Northwest.

Let’s face it, a radio station that’s all talk isn’t as beautiful as Portland. A station that’s all music isn’t as smart as Portland.

When Clear Channel killed KPOJ's progressive talk radio, over 13,000 Oregonians joined us here at BlueOregon and built the Save KPOJ movement. We helped Carl Wolfson launch his internet radio show, and now Carl will have a new terrestrial home with the upcoming launch of XRAY.FM (91.1 KXRY) this fall.

XRAY.FM also heard the voices of over 6000 Oregonians calling for the return of Thom Hartmann to Portland's airwaves. Joining the movement to bring progressive talk back to PDX is Thom Hartmann.

Why the sudden audio activism? October 2013 marks the only opening for new independent radio licenses granted by the FCC – a one-week window after a 15-year battle.

Congress has allowed commercial radio stations to snatch up nearly all available frequencies (and the ears of billions of listeners) for a long time. This is XRAY.FM’s chance to bring Thom Hartmann, Carl Wolfson and the music of independent artists back to your local dial. XRAY.FM is partnering with community organizations around Oregon to make sure that the whole state can enjoy the sweet sounds of progressive radio once again.

This is what we've been waiting for. Join the XRAY.FM mailing list to stay on top of all the latest happenings and to support the cause.

XRAY.FM will launch soon, but it'll only happen with your support. Sign up to join the mailing list, gather your progressive friends, and let’s give Portland the progressive radio station that it deserves!

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