No, Jason Conger, we don't need another Ted Cruz in the U.S. Senate

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As Rep. Jason Conger entered the race for U.S. Senate today, DPO Chair Frank Dixon had this to say:

“Oregon is the only state that hasn’t chipped away at every woman’s fundamental right to reproductive health care and freedom, and Jason Conger’s extreme views disqualify him from being able to represent Oregon values.

“Conger has received thousands of dollars in support from Oregon Right to Life – and in return has sponsored legislation that would take access to reproductive health care a step backward, including restricting abortion even in the case of rape and incest.

"With these views, and given that the last time Republicans threatened to shut down the government, it was over funding for Planned Parenthood – we have no doubt that Jason Conger will be in lockstep with Ted Cruz and his Republican followers in the U.S. House and Senate. Their actions have shown the damage that comes from the most conservative elements of the Republican Party - and these are the same people obsessed with trying to meddle in a woman's relationship with her doctor, which is out of step with Oregon values.

"Senator Merkley has defended women's access to healthcare for his entire career. He has a strong record of fighting to create jobs for middle class families, to make college more affordable and to protect working Oregonians from the predatory practices of Wall Street and the big banks.

"Oregonians don't want a Senator who will stand between women and their doctors, and who will join the shutdown caucus that's costing our economy jobs. Jason Conger is no choice for Oregonians.”



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