Oregon Can Shake Things Up (or Why I'm Running)

Oregon Can Shake Things Up (or Why I'm Running)

Kathleen O'Brien

By Kathleen O’Brien of Portland, Oregon. Kathleen is an attorney and a Democratic candidate for House District 42. More information at obrien42.com.

State legislatures are stuck. Congress is stuck. It’s gone on for far too long.

The middle of the road is going nowhere.

The disappearance of MH 370 and the Korean ferry tragedy, both eminently preventable disasters, are metaphors for a world that no longer has control of its direction. Does anyone even care? Are we past the tipping point on this planet?

I don’t think so. There is so much work to be done, and creative intelligence can take us in a new direction. Get on board, let’s get to doing it, progressives!

We need a HARDCORE progressive agenda. Sure, legislation is horrifically boring compared to a “revolution,” but on the plus side, Oregon legislation has a proud history of leading change for the nation. We can do so much more.

And the tools of democracy are right at hand.

When’s the last time you knew an Oregon politician willing to take a risk?

Look at me. I’m not running for office because whatever interest groups want whatever they want from the legislature.

I’m running because I’m solidly in tune with the values of District 42, which is considered to be “the most liberal district in Oregon.” And I’m experienced. And qualified. And a focal point.

Look at my stuff online: obrien42.com; oregontimes.com (the blog); facebook and twitter.

Find out that I am a powerful communicator (in more than one language) and that I have a severely disabled child and will never give up on helping Oregon social services meet the needs of the homeless, and people with physical and mental disabilities. How we treat those that need us the most is what defines us as humans.

But how we treat ourselves, our children, and how we build our economy here in this treasure of the Earth that is Oregon – that’s what matters most.

The words, you know: JOBS, SCHOOLS, HEALTH CARE, PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, JUSTICE FOR ALL. The music is what I am singing. Let’s get it done.

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