Heartache for Emilio Hoffman and the entire Reynolds HS community

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I've been searching all day for the right words to say about what happened at Reynolds High School today. I still don't have the words.

So, I'll turn it over to Congressman Earl Blumenauer who, joined by his colleagues in the Oregon delegation in the U.S. House, spoke on the House floor today about the shooting at Reynolds High in Troutdale.

There will be time -- perhaps as soon as tomorrow -- for our shock and our outrage and our sadness to turn to action. Here at BlueOregon, I'm fairly certain I speak for our entire community when I say that we must do something.

But for now, I'll just leave you with these photos of Emilio Hoffman, who left us far too early. At school. Just fourteen years old.

Our hearts ache for Emilio's family, his friends, the entire Reynolds HS community.


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