Why is Greg Walden screwing over farmers in his district?

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Over at the Daily Astorian, they're wondering aloud about a very good question: Why is Congressman Greg Walden bottling up immigration reform legislation when a key constituency -- a usually reliably Republican one -- really wants reasonable, comprehensive immigration reform to happen?

Of course, as you might expect from a member of the House GOP leadership, he pointed the finger at anyone but himself:

When Oregon Congressman Greg Walden was pressed on the issue of immigration reform he blamed the impasse on (guess who) President Obama. Walden did that in spite of the bipartisan Senate immigration bill which has been sitting in the House since one year ago.

On Fox News Sunday Walden said: “How do we know he’ll enforce something that we do go forward on? And so that causes a lot of distrust at the grassroots level and in the Congress, frankly, if you look at all the laws he’s waived, parts of laws he doesn’t like.”

With a Senate bill awaiting action in the House, Walden’s excuse is empty.

And about that key constituency? We're talking farmers...

It is especially galling that Walden plays this game since Eastern Oregon farmers in his congressional district are desperate for pragmatic immigration reform. The lack of an updated law is hurting them financially. One of the most puzzling betrayals in American politics is how Republican congressmen have kissed off the farmers, a traditionally Republican constituency.

What Walden is really saying by blaming Obama is that he (Walden) is unwilling to be a leader.

Here's hoping that Aelea Christofferson can make it a race. Tough sledding, but someone needs to hold that guy accountable for being an absentee legislator.


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