What do you do if your boss steals your paycheck?

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Let's say someone steals my new bike. I catch the thief on video, run him down, and call 911. (Yeah, I might!)

I'd expect the police to be able to arrest the guy and press charges.

Well, what happens when an unscrupulous employer shortchanges his workers -- like not counting overtime or holding back tips or just skipping town with the payroll? Too often, nothing.

It's called wage theft, and it's a major problem in Oregon.

It might be a hundred bucks this month, a couple hundred the next -- but it all adds up, especially for workers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Our Labor Commissioner needs new enforcement tools to go after corporations that are gaming the system, cutting corners, and stealing from their own workers. Here's what Brad Avakian recently wrote about wage theft:

It’s a major problem that I see every day. That’s why I’m calling on the Legislature to add new enforcement tools -- like cease and desist authority during investigations to stop bad actors in their tracks and requiring businesses that rip off their workers to post bond for wage payments. It’s a matter of basic fairness for everyone.

He's right. That's why BlueOregon Action has partnered with Commissioner Avakian, Senator Chip Shields, Representative Jessica Vega Pederson, the Oregon AFL-CIO, Northwest Workers' Justice Project, and SEIU Local 49 to campaign for this much-needed reform.

Let's push hard for the Legislature to take action on wage theft this year. Add your name!

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