Background checks: Get it done.

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I know it -- and you know it, my friends.

Background checks save lives. We've got background checks for gun stores and gun shows. But it's as simple as walking out to the parking lot to evade a background check through a personal sale.

SB 941 will change that.

Tell the Oregon House to finally pass the Oregon Firearm Safety Act.

In the past two years, background checks haven't even gotten a vote in the Oregon Legislature.

But elections matter, folks. We fought hard and won bigger majorities in the Oregon House and Senate. And it's made a huge difference.

SB 941 has already passed the Senate, impossible just a year ago. And now, probably next week, we'll see a vote in the House.

Let's make it happen.

Join BlueOregon Action and the Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety and tell the Oregon House to finally get it done.

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