End the secrecy on corporate taxes

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It seems like every other year, we have a big fight about school funding in Oregon.

On the one hand, lots of Oregonians feel like their taxes are high. On the other, we can't seem to find the revenue to fund our schools and basic services.

The reason? Oregon has the lowest business taxes in the country -- and that's according to a corporate tax study designed to lobby for lower taxes in other states. ("Be more like Oregon!" they cry. Sigh.)

Here's the thing:

400 corporations -- including four dozen with over $1 million in Oregon profits -- paid no 2012 state income tax.

Which ones? That's a secret. Seriously.

So, sign our petition: Tell the Oregon Legislature to end the secrecy -- and let the public know which corporations are paying their fair share.

If we can end the secrecy, we can work to close the loopholes that hurt our schools. Let's get it done.

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