It's time to kick the kicker for Oregon schools

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Remember 2007?

Home values were higher than ever. So was the stock market. Oregon's tax revenues were up and our state budget was in surplus. That means lots of Oregonians got a "kicker" check -- most often for a couple hundred bucks. Good times, right?

I know you remember 2008.

The housing bubble popped, the stock market crashed, and since then, our schools have faced round after round of cuts and unpredictable budgets. Meanwhile, Oregon's graduation rate and student performance have been sinking.

Sign the Petition: tell the Legislature to kick the kicker into our schools and save the rest for a rainy day!

Wouldn't it have been smart to use the 2007 windfall to stabilize school funding and save for the next economic downturn?

Instead,we blew it, and the Great Recession hit Oregon hard. Especially our schools.

Now that we're finally back on our feet and Oregon's budget is back in surplus, let's do the smart thing.

At BlueOregon, we're partnering with Rep. Tobias Read, Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson, Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, and Commissioner Jules Bailey to make the case.

Join us and add your name: boot the kicker and fund our schools -- now and in the future!

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