Jeff Merkley, Suzanne Bonamici, and you!

Where do you turn when you’re suddenly laid off, with kids to feed, rent to pay, and an empty bank account?

There aren’t a lot of options – and predatory payday lenders are well aware.

Back in 2007, Oregon passed a law that got tough on payday lenders. But now, these same rip-off artists have moved off-shore and online. So, we need Congress to take action to protect Oregonians.

Add your name: Tell Congress to get tough on deceptive payday lenders!

Our 2007 fight in Oregon was led, among others, by Speaker Jeff Merkley and State Rep. Suzanne Bonamici. Today, they’re both in Congress, and they’re leading the charge once again with the SAFE Lending Act.

Sign the petition: pass the SAFE Lending Act and stop deceptive practices by payday lenders!

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