Republicans Are Trying to “Pinkwash” Their Records

By Jimmy Radosta of Portland, Oregon. Jimmy is communications and marketing director for Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon.

Knute Buehler tried it.

Julie Parrish tried it.

Dennis Richardson tried it.

Now Bud Pierce is taking a page from the same tired playbook. After earning national headlines — and ridicule — for claiming that educated women aren’t susceptible to domestic violence, Pierce is trying to play both sides on women’s health and rights. In his Willamette Week endorsement interview, Pierce claimed to “accept choice as the law,” even though he supports multiple new restrictions on safe, legal abortion.

It’s pretty obvious why right-wing politicians are trying to “pinkwash” their records: They know that their agenda is deeply unpopular and dangerous for the people of Oregon. There’s a statewide consensus in favor of women’s health and rights, and it’s become very hard for candidates to win elections if they don’t trust women. Let’s be clear: “Pro-choice except for…” really means “I only trust women to make reproductive choices if they make a choice I approve.”

Oregon isn’t the only state that’s witnessing this desperate Republican makeover. While running for governor of North Carolina in 2012, Pat McCrory promised that he wouldn’t restrict abortion access. Once in power, he immediately signed a law imposing costly, medically unnecessary rules that were intended to shut down every abortion provider in the state. In 2014, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker claimed to support anti-abortion legislation that “leaves the final decision to a woman and her doctor,” even though he opposes abortion in all circumstances.

Bud Pierce is a physician, so one would think that he understands why abortion must remain a safe and legal medical procedure for a woman to consider if she needs it. His campaign statements show he just doesn’t get it:

By contrast, Governor Kate Brown is a steadfast and effective champion of women’s rights and empowerment. She combines an unwavering commitment to reproductive freedom with keen policy insight and a collaborative, caring approach to leadership:

Oregon women — and men — are watching. We won’t be fooled. And we won’t let right-wing politicians get away with deceptive campaign tactics that hide their true agenda. Oregon needs a governor who trusts every woman to make her own personal medical decisions. That leader is Kate Brown.

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