Jesse Cornett

Jesse's career in Oregon politics spans more than a decade. In that time, he’s worked on higher education financing, campaign finance reform, advocated for veterans and has campaigned for countless Democrats. Jesse lives in the Lents neighborhood with his wife Molly, a dog, cat and several hens. In his free time Jesse can be found at home swinging a hammer in an attempt to convert his basement into living space, browsing the pages of a nearly complete set of Oregon Blue Books, including the original 1911 edition, or working in his garden.

PublishedTitle Comments
Sep. 30, 2005Political Roundup
Sep. 24, 2005Draft Kitzhaber
Sep. 21, 2005Political Roundup
Sep. 19, 2005Oregon Politics and Government (a book review)
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Aug. 17, 2005You, Wu & Brew
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Jul. 08, 2005A View From Salem
Jun. 18, 2005Tough Summer Job
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Jun. 04, 2005Parking Trolls
May. 20, 2005Sometimes in April
Mar. 22, 2005Oregon Republicans' Baffling Choice
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Jan. 20, 2005New State Senator
Jan. 20, 2005Outrageous
Dec. 29, 2004A Good Week
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Dec. 17, 2004Presidential Advance (Part 4)
Dec. 12, 2004Oregon's Blogging Queen
Dec. 08, 2004Presidential Advance (Part 3)
Dec. 05, 2004The (Almost) Exciting Life of (Almost) Presidential Advance (Part 2)
Dec. 04, 2004Jenny Greenleaf Wins!
Nov. 29, 2004Changing Face of Oregon at the DNC?
Nov. 28, 2004The (Almost) Exciting Life of (Almost) Presidential Advance (Part 1)
Oct. 29, 2004Still Undecided?
Oct. 27, 2004Missing Blue Oregon
Oct. 07, 2004Vote for Change
Aug. 20, 200419 Days
Aug. 09, 2004Battleground Oregon
Jul. 29, 2004They're Ready For Us to Go Now
Jul. 29, 2004Breakfast Anyone?
Jul. 29, 2004Jefferson and Adam Win!
Jul. 29, 2004You Must Whip It…
Jul. 25, 2004This Isn't Oregon Anymore, Toto
Jul. 22, 2004Boston, Here We Come....

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