Russell Sadler

For more than 30 years, Russell Sadler's daily radio and television commentaries were heard on broadcast stations in Oregon, Southwest Washington and Northern California. His weekly newspaper column appeared regularly in many newspapers throughout the region. Today, he lives aboard a 30-foot trawler and travels regularly to Salem, Eugene, and Ashland. Sadler is a registered independent.

September 23, 2010Chris Dudley: No ideas, just platitudes written by lobbyists
June 10, 2007Democracy in the age of narrowcasting
May 27, 2007County payments and the single-minded, reckless, AWOL Republicans
May 20, 2007Hey Bill Gates, there's a better way to help schools.
May 13, 2007Five decades of land use: now unsustainable
May 06, 2007The M37 clock is ticking. Extend it, while we debate it.
April 29, 2007Measure 37: Don't mend it. End it!
April 22, 2007Expand the Bottle Bill: Some Solutions
April 15, 2007Oregon Republicans still don't get it.
April 08, 2007Q: Why is the budget taking so long to produce? A: Democracy.
April 01, 2007GPS-tracked mileage taxes, private toll roads, and other dumb gimmicks
March 25, 2007Education is not an assembly line
March 18, 2007Oregon's approaching water crisis
March 11, 2007The Republican Rainy Day Meltdown
March 04, 2007Global Warming: Why a regional agreement is a good thing.
February 25, 2007Supermajorities and Tax Reform
February 18, 200730 years of Oregon history proves that pro-sprawl forces are wrong.
February 11, 2007Smith '08: Run, Ben Westlund, Run!
February 04, 2007Ethanol? Or real emissions reform?
January 28, 2007Measure 37's dirty little secret
January 21, 2007Obama runs, but will Oregonians help decide?
January 14, 2007School funding, class sizes, and health care reform
January 07, 2007Oregon's Post-WW2 Economic Engine: Higher Education
December 31, 2006Stop drunk driving? Sure. But sober drivers kill too.
December 30, 2006Ted Hallock: a champion for Oregon
December 24, 2006Atiyeh: "Ideology is not a substitute for policy."
December 23, 2006Christmas Trees
December 17, 2006Gordon Smith: "an affable figurehead"
December 10, 2006Measure 37 Land Rush: Backwards into the Past
December 03, 2006Gordon Smith: Not a moderate, not a maverick.
November 26, 2006On charity
November 19, 2006Why Republicans Got Thumped in Oregon
November 12, 2006Cleaning up the GOP wreckage in Oregon
November 05, 2006The failure of Oregon Republicans
October 29, 2006No on 45: A quaint theory, mugged by the facts
October 22, 2006Measure 40: Why are Supreme Court justices elected statewide?
October 08, 2006Measure 48: Funded out-of-state and fatally flawed
October 01, 2006Squandering the legacy of the past; stealing from the promise of the future
September 17, 2006Can we stop the toll roads?
September 10, 2006Learning from California
September 03, 2006The death of "moderate"
August 27, 2006Kicking Mary Starrett off the ballot
August 20, 2006Westlund's Withdrawal
August 13, 2006The Oregon Dead Zone
July 30, 2006Habitat destruction in the Puget Sound
July 23, 2006Ron Saxton's Faustian Bargain
July 16, 2006Tax Reform and the Governor's Race
July 09, 2006Why is voter turnout so low?
July 02, 2006Giving it All Away
June 25, 2006Back to the Future on Toll Roads

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