Chris Dudley: No ideas, just platitudes written by lobbyists

Russell Sadler

This is not an interview. It is a con job. The question is, why Oregonians are accepting it?

It's obvious why Chris Dudley fears an interview with the Oregonian's Jeff Mapes: Dudley doesn't know what he's talking about.

The dams on the Snake River produce little power and are not remotely critical to the region's power supply. Those dams were built to get barges to Lewiston and destroyed the salmon runs from the River of No Return, the last substantial wilderness in the watershed.

Dudley talks about weatherization as if it were a new program rather than the way Northwest utilities have been conserving elecrical energy since the Arab Oil Embargo in the 1970's. Kitzhaber is just amping up the effort.

These responses sound like platitudes written by lobbyists delivered at a legislative hearing. Considering the "advisors" surrounding Dudley, that is likely exactly what they are.

This is not an interview. It is a con job. The question is, why Oregonians are accepting it? Historically Oregonians expect their governors to have experience in the legislative leadership, like Gov. Vic Atiyeh or experience in statewide elective office, like Govs. Tom McCall, Bob Straub or Ted Kulongoski.

Dudley has no experience of this kind. He is a telegenic figurehead. The question is not written platitudes about what he will do as governor. The question is who will be pulling his strings.

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    Here is a guy who has no -- I mean zero, zilch, zip, nada -- background of public service, who doesn't even bother to vote very often, and suddenly he wants to be governor of Oregon? Who is he fronting for? Every Oregonian should be asking that question.

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      This is a one time offer for you to take down your vile disposition toward someone who actually wrote and posted an article here.

      Readers, how about taking a look at the name calling nature of this individual who is masquerading as an intellectual.

      Looking forward to your response, Bruce Miller.



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    He's a biography. A hand-shaker. A Wal-mart greeter for Filigree Advisors. He tipped his hand big time with the cap gains tax cut he is proposing in his 20 pt randomly numbered plan. That sound you hear is the Brinks truck backing up to the Oregon coffers so he and his day trader and speculator friends can loot $800M over the next 4 years.

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      Day traders are taxed at short term cap gains rates, these are long term rates.

      If you own a house, or invest in the stock market with your IRA/401K, you are a are investing with the hopes the asset will appreciate in price.

      The small business bill sent to the President includes a provision that allows long-term investors in some small business startups to be exempt from paying capital gains taxes.

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    Good post, Russell. This is the old shell game of "trickle down" economics. Let's give tax breaks to special interests and break the budget. In Oregon we can't borrow so the schools and corrections are going to take the huge hit.

    Glad you're still in action, Russell. I remember you from U. of O. days.

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    good to see you, Russell. you've been missed (esp on Sunday mornings).

    Duds has no strings, btw. there are no strings on sock puppet.

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    One thing I've learned is that we should pay careful attention to what a candidate has been saying and doing before they run for office. That is who the candidate really is before they are magically transformed into a different character that 51% of the voters will like, and that is the person they will revert to once they are in office. In this case, we would have a Dudley Do nothing, except for helping rich folks avoid paying their taxes.

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