Chris Dudley presents 20-point plan to create jobs in Oregon


Cut capital gains taxes, give businesses tax credits for hiring the unemployed, promote the state's natural resources and overhaul schools and universities – those are some of the 20 ways Chris Dudley, Republican candidate for governor, plans to create jobs in Oregon. He rolled out his plan today before the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.

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    Well, first, counting to 20 is apparently about as far as his math goes.

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    What is this? The year 2000? According to George Bush, slashing taxes on the rich were supposed to pay for themselves. And here, Dudley is saying "The costs of his 20-point plan would be offset by tax revenue from the new jobs it would create".

    I'm not sure whether Dudley is smart enough to know he's lying, or as stupid as George Bush to actually believe the snake-oil his handlers are putting in his mouth.

    Clearly, Dudley, like Bush, is good at playing the amiable dunce. The screwup you can have a beer with.

    Unfortunately, that won't actually fix Oregon's economy. Like George Bush, his plan will make it much much worse.

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    Nice try, Duds. You just opened your mouth and confirmed for those of us that are paying attention that you are clueless. Look up the word clueless in the dictionary and there's a picture of him!

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    Trickle down economics...Ah yes, the old supply side deception. You can pull that crap with the federal budget and borrow your way out. But in Oregon you have to have a balanced budget. Any tax cuts have to be funded by cuts, namely in education. So this yokel is just pulling the same old, same old GOP BS, tax cuts for the rich creates jobs for everyone. Not!

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      Particularly when the data shows unequivocally that demand (or rather lack of it) is what is killing business. We only had a passable but limping economy during the Bush years because people were using their housing bubble inflated houses as ATMs. Wages in constant dollars has stagnated for decades.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by the comments after the article itself. Most people were informed and articulate: tax cuts do not produce jobs. Real simple.

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