Photo Caption?

This photo of State Rep. Donna Nelson debating Sal Peralta (blurry, at right), from the McMinnville News-Register, is just screaming for a photo caption contest.

Donna Nelson

So, whaddya got?

  • Jerome Alicki (unverified)

    Realizing that her eyebrow color did not match the color of her hat, Nelson excused herself from the room and spent the remainder of the evening in a restroom stall.

  • (Show?)

    In a bizarre tactic, Nelson demanded that her allotted time in the debate be used to do a group reading of the script from "Harper Valley PTA"...

  • tmy (unverified)

    In a stunning homage to Joan Crawford, Nelson shouted, "No more wire hangers, ever!"

  • spicey (unverified)

    making fun of how people look doesn't seem to me a world I want to move towards. Sorry, I don't see the humor in this.

  • Levon (unverified)

    No, I DID NOT play Mimi Bobeck on the Drew Carey Show.

  • Patty (unverified)

    It would be more helpful to have a list of Rep. Nelson's votes, positions, and ratings from groups we trust. I would hope the folks in that district are voting on what Nelson does, not what she looks like.

  • Sponge (unverified)

    I agree. Since this photo was taken in a church Sunday School class that was engaged in a discussion about immigration reform, it might be a better use of this resource to find out what these candidates actually said about the topic.

  • Jamie (unverified)

    Thanks to those who find it pathetic that this is an invitation to make fun of how someone looks. It's morally wrong and strategically stupid.

  • Silence Dogood (unverified)

    Due to the intense negativity of the '06 electorate, Sen. Nelson's once-safe seat is now in play. In desperation, she declared: "And I promise to limit the number of terms I will serve. I challenge my opponent to make the same promise."

  • Jason (unverified)

    Wow...what a stunning lack of a sense of humor you all exhibit. This is a progressive blog aimed at progressive readers, and all people wanted to do was to blow off a little bit of steam leading up to a stressful election with a little bit of fun. It is a funny picture, and it is not like this caption is going to be published in the Oregonian or run on the six o'clock news. Chill out for five seconds. None of you were bitching when there was a picture of Ron Saxton on here with a sombrero and a margarita. Honestly, sometimes I think the thing that bothers me the most about our movement is how self-righteous people can get.

  • proud lefty (unverified)

    I'm thinking of getting a sex change operation, growing a beard and moving to Pennsylvania to become an Amish man.

  • undercover blue (unverified)

    Mirroring other Republican candidates attempts to appeal to voters left-ward drift, State Reprehensive Donna Nelson, R-McMinnville, takes the opportunity to decry what she sees as the “rampant intolerance of local organizations” stating “membership in the Red Hat Society should be open to those of all hat colors”.

  • Sally (unverified)

    "...sometimes I think the thing that bothers me the most about our movement is how self-righteous people can get."

    LOL. You couldn't be more right. Er, um, more correct. Er, hmmm, maybe I did mean more right.

  • TKrueg (unverified)

    Wait... was this photo taken at a debate or a funeral? The only thing she's missing is a veil.

  • Todd (unverified)

    ...I have in my hand the name of 50 communists attending this Sunday school.

  • Sid Leader (unverified)

    Great line, Todd.

    Something in her eyes reminds me too of the "little bitty man" from Wisconsin.

  • Anon 51 (unverified)

    Sal thinking: "That's right Donna...keep talking."

  • DifferentSalemStaffer (unverified)

    "Like this. Ben Westlund wears his glasses just like this."

  • Another Donna Fan (unverified)

    "Rep. Donna Nelson (R-Pluto) accuses her opponent of being an illegal immigrant and demands that he drop out of the race before defeating her."

  • Donna Is HOT (unverified)

    "I'm Donna Nelson and I'm crazy, Crazy Donna Nelson. Can I smell your hair. Cus you smell nice."

  • Anon (unverified)

    "What!?!" "It worked for Bella Abzug!!"

  • LT (unverified)

    Different S. Staffer--I love your comment!

    Best one I have seen.

  • Grow up (unverified)

    Yup, its election time in Oregon. Juvenile name calling, making fun of how someone looks...

    I'm guessing it goes skatalogical next.

  • Aubrey Russell (unverified)

    " ... So I was flying up here from Salem when my broom went into a nose dive and 'crash.' THAT is how my pointy hat turned out like this."

    OR (requires knowledge of dress during leg session)

    "I promise you, when you see me in committee hearings, I look more 'technicolor' than 'black and white'. Why the tall hat? How high can you pile YOUR hair."

  • (Show?)

    I said this the last time someone made disparaging comments about my opponent's appearance. I guess I have to say it again: I do not approve of, or appreciate, this kind of tactic.

    People who run for public office the target of ridicule. I don't agree with Ms Nelson on many issues facing this state and this country, and that is what we should be focussing on.

    I sincerely hope that the editors of this blog will consider killing this thread and instead front page the following photo and comment:

    The House Leadership's Pac has just conducted their 3rd poll in the last 10 days in what was supposed to be a safe seat for them.

    Between the caucus and the lobby, they have dumped $30,000 into this race during the last month, and if today's poll is any indication, they plan to spend a whole lot more defending a seat that they thought they'd win easily.

    We are getting virtually no help from the Democratic Caucus in this race (Peter Buckley and Carolyn Tomei have contributed) because a few key staffers had written this district off as "unwinnable" before I had even filed.

    But I've knocked on about 6,000 doors and raised a very respectable $30,000 between the general election and primary, primarily from small contributions from individuals within the district, and we've run a very strong campaign.

    We're in a position to win this race, but we need your help to do it.

    If you believe as I do, that we should fight for every seat, and want to help contribute to the biggest upset in Oregon this season, please consider making a contribution to my campaign.


    Sal Peralta

  • LT (unverified)

    Sal, you are the sort of person we need in the Oregon House. Your opening line is the sort of adult supervision we see too rarely these days when it seems that too often, juvenile behavior is the norm.

    And I really liked this: We are getting virtually no help from the Democratic Caucus in this race (Peter Buckley and Carolyn Tomei have contributed) because a few key staffers had written this district off as "unwinnable" before I had even filed.

    I suspect you and Chuck Lee both have very good chances of winning in November, even if Yamhill is considered a "red" county. When I went door to door for Chuck this summer with a friend, we saw a few Thatcher supporters and a lot of open minded people.

    And if you are elected, I would humbly suggest that 2 basic improvements to the way the House Dems run things would be:

    a) bury language like "lousy R to D ratio" and remind all that Howard Dean is the DNC chair and he believes in the "show up everywhere, contest everything" philosophy.

    b) supervision over employees and their use of language. Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I believe the respectful collective term for all members of the House caucus is "elected officials", not "the electeds". Jargon among people working in a field while they are talking among themselves is one thing, but when talking to the public it isimportant to show respect. If someone whose name appeared on the ballot thinks "the electeds" is OK, that is fine, but generally that language is used by people who have never been elected to anything.

    This is an "adult supervision" issue. There is a bumper sticker I have seen which says something like "be the change you want to see". Sal has proven himself to be a mature adult in a number of ways incl. what he said here, and when he wins I look forward to meeting him in January ( a short drive to the capitol is an advantage of living in Salem).

    It is just possible that this is the sort of year when "doesn't have a chance" candidates win--not just Sal but maybe others.

    I hope after the election there will be serious discussion here and elsewhere of what actually happened in the elections as opposed to theory of what was predicted to happen.

    Thanks for your comments, Sal, and the opportunity to use part of what you said to comment on how many other candidates there are who have done major grass roots efforts with little or no help from organized Democrats.

  • (Show?)

    I suspect you and Chuck Lee both have very good chances of winning in November, even if Yamhill is considered a "red" county.

    Thanks for your comments across the board, LT. It's worth mentioning also, that all 3 newspapers that have made endorsements in thisrace, the News-Register, the Sheridan Sun, and the Statesman Journal have all endorsed my campaign.

    • Sal
  • Gil Johnson (unverified)
    <h2>I'd think the media market in Yamhill County can't be as expensive as in a lot of other places, therefore a dollar for Sal goes a little further. I'm gonna kick in some more money and I hope people with deeper pockets will, too. He's going to be a great legislator.</h2>
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