Wyden wants to hear from you on Iraq

During the August recess, members of Congress come home to listen to their constituents. Unlike some Senators (Gordon Smith, we're looking at you) - Senator Ron Wyden isn't afraid of the public.

Senator Wyden would like to hear what you think about the War in Iraq.

Wyden is hosting the Iraq Town Hall Meetings to get input from his constituents before the U.S. Senate returns its focus to the Iraq war in September. With a critical Pentagon report on the status of the war due on September 15, and U.S. Department of Defense spending and authorization bills still pending in Congress, September is shaping up to be a crucial and contentious month in the Iraq debate.

Oregonians are invited to attend the open forums to voice their comments, questions and concerns in advance of the upcoming Congressional debate on Iraq. People who wish to speak will be asked to limit their comments to two minutes (the public will also be invited to submit written comments).

Where and when?

Tuesday, August 14, 12 p.m.
Hoffmann Hall, Portland State University
1833 SW 11th, Portland

Thursday, August 16, 12 p.m.
Lillis Business Complex, University of Oregon
955 East 13th Avenue, Room 182, Eugene

Friday, August 17, 12:30 p.m.
Music Recital Hall, Southern Oregon University
Mountain Avenue, Ashland

Let's use this post to discuss the War on Iraq. What's on your mind? Discuss.

  • Jaf (unverified)

    Wow it takes real guts for Wyden to do townhalls at these three universities. Wouldn't that be like Smith doing townhalls at the Pendleton Grange? I'm sure Wyden will hear all kinds of different opinions about Iraq. YAWN.

  • Ron Retard (unverified)

    Did it ever occur to you that people might like to know the TIME that these meetings are going to take place? Or are we just supposed to camp out and wait?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Gus Frederick (unverified)

    Of course, the obvious question for these town hall meetings is WHAT TIME are these happening?

    Gus Frederick Silverton, OR

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    According to his site all of the meetings are at noon.

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    Loaded Orygun has a new calendar feature which includes Senator Wyden's town hall events, with the times.

    It also includes other local political events--as we find them. Or if you find one that isn't on the calendar, you can add it to our calendar yourself.

    (Uh..yeah, I'm blogwhoring)

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    In defense of the poster, I tried to copy all of the information from Wyden's site and when I did, most of the information doesn't copy. That is likely what happened in the post.

  • anonymous (unverified)

    Wyden is one guy who can't be accused of anti-Semitism, so it would be very interesting to have his view on AIPAC, ADL, and the apparent Neocon-Likud policy similarities. Question: Why is it that political Zionism, a subject that is openly discussed as a matter of policy in the European and Irsaeli press, can't even be mentioned in the U.S. media? Why is it that Congress was going to pass a resolution that Bush absolutely must get permission from Congress to attack Iran (as in obey the Constitution), but immediately abandoned the idea when AIPAC applied pressure to stop it? Should the U.S. keep spending money on foreign aid to Israel when it is spending billions in the occupation of Iraq, which is itself aid to Israel?

    The Bush Administration treats the Likud Party agenda like it's the will of all Jewish people, and it is not, anymore than Bush is the voice of all Americans. Being anti-Likud-conservative-war-party is not the same as being anti-Semitic. Not liking the Bush Administration doesn't make me a self-hating American. Somebody really needs to bring this forward in the national debate and Wyden is one of the few people who could do it.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    Wyden is one guy who can't be accused of anti-Semitism, ...

    Not so. Anyone, including people of Jewish faith and heritage, who criticizes actions by the Israeli right wing is at risk of being accused of anti-Semitism or of being self-hating Jews by AIPAC, pro-Israel (read "Likud and Kadima") neocons and other generally grouped in the "Israeli lobby." Especially, if what they say is true.

  • Bill Bodden (unverified)

    Before the vote in October 2002 on authorization to use military force Wyden gave the impression he was leaning in favor of war on Iraq. He got an earful from constituents in Central Oregon opposed to this war. Presumably, he got the same response in other parts of Oregon. To his credit, Wyden listened to his constituents, which is more than can be said for Smith.

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    Jackson County Democrats are looking forward to serious discussions with Senator Wyden. We urge folks to go beyond "End the War" chants. We will ask him to use his status as a leading Democrat to assist other Senators in stopping war funding and planning a serious pull out that is respectful of our soldiers and the citizens of Iraq. Colin Powell said it first when he invoked the Pottery Barn rule, "We broke it, we fix it."

    Wyden will return to the Senate with even more resolve.

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    Did it ever occur to you that people might like to know the TIME that these meetings are going to take place?

    YIKES! My bad. Times are now added.

    (And please, never assume malice when incompetence will suffice.)

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    Senator Wyden will be speaking Monday about health care and other topics as follows: Topic: Healthy American's Act and events of the 110th Congress When: Monday, August 13, 12-noon to 1p.m. Location: 3500 S.W. 104th Street, Beaverton, OR 97075 Details at www.washcodems.org (hey I AM a blogwhore, woo-who!) Sen Ron will also be speaking tomorrow 4PM at Intel Ronler Acres RA1, this event is open to all Intel employees (because you need an Intel badge to get into the building) And too be completely fair and balanced, I checked Slick Gordy's official website, there are no public events posted but he does have a link of great importance: The Oregon Vortex is an area of naturally occurring visual and perceptual phenomena. The House of Mystery illustrates the strange properties of the vortex and its magnetic field. www.oregonvortext.com Powerful stuff indeed.

  • Adrian Rosolie (unverified)

    I just got back from attending the town hall a couple of hours ago, and to say the least it was interesting. As to be expected there was a unanimous crowd against the war and administration, though to varying degrees. The speakers included an Iraq veteran, a mother of a deployed soldier, and numerous Vietnam War veterans. It was nice to see a lot of concerned people in one place, however things started unraveling fairly shortly into the event. The obvious breaking point was the issue of impeachment, which many in the crowd supported.

    Sen. Wyden explained his reasoning for not pushing impeachment, an obvious one being that being in the Senate he can't initiate anything. He also feels that the time needed to invest in such proceedings wasn't worth it. However, he never said he was against the idea, though many in the audience jumped to that conclusion. (Wyden also said he would allow Bush et al. due process, which drew boo's)

    Unfortunately things started getting fairly nasty, which in my opinion was uncalled for. Sen. Wyden has been against the war from the start, and is doing pretty much everything right in trying to end it. Additionally, I didn't see the point to sink to lows that the liberal/progressive community usually condemns. Obviously people are angry, but using the Bill O'Rielly code of conduct is not conducive to progress. Thankfully Terry Kirsch from Veterans In Action made this point when he took his turn to speak and things quieted down after that.

    Anyway, if people want to stop this war as soon as possible, I encourage you to move outside of liberal comfort zones and engage the community at large. Point your anger where it'll be effective, and help keep people like Gordon Smith's feet to the fire. And finally, discourse is great, but volume is no real substitute for substance.

  • Sharon (unverified)
    <h2>I would like to thank Senator wyden for voting against this war, for voting against the FISA spying bill and for being a good representative of Oregonians. This occupation has to end. More dead and mutilated Americans and Iraqis. For what? Someone tell me why? Why are we prolonging this? As to Iran - why not Saudi Arabia as they were mostly to blame for 9-11. Why not Pakistan? for that matter as far as arms being suppled why not Russia and China and Saudi Arabia? This is getting stupider and sadder! Enough of this stupidity - end it now!</h2>
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