Oregonians Favor Annual Sessions

A recent poll shows that most Oregonians support the state legislature switching to holding annual sessions.

From the Oregonian:

We're late on this, but a poll released by Riley Research Associates last month shows 60 percent of respondents favor regular annual sessions with 24 percent opposed. Those most likely to support the switch includes voters 18 to 34 and Democrats.

Respondents also were more likely to approve of the Legislature's performance in February's special session, although nearly 60 percent didn't have an opinion (they were neutral or unsure).

"More people thought that session was good than thought it was bad; they trust the Legislature enough to support the idea of annual sessions," said pollster Mike Riley.

The telephone survey of 410 registered likely voters took place between March 7 and 17. The margin of error is 4.84 percent. Read the full report here.

Read the rest. Do you support annual sessions?


  • Miles (unverified)

    Do you support annual sessions?

    Yes. Is this really even up for debate at Blue Oregon?

  • (Show?)

    Yes I support annual sessions, no it's not really up for debate at BlueO, but it IS fun to wait for the "government is evil" trolls to chime in. I'll have to check back later.:)

  • Rick (unverified)

    A few thoughts to keep in mind as you think about annual sessions:

    1. Do annual sessions also come with full-time professional staff, or are the legislators going to have to rely on the lobby for institutional memory that much more?

    2. Is there enough time to implement laws and see how they work before the next session?

    3. Where is the money for full-time legislators (and full-time staff) coming from? If Oregon isn't prepared to pay for both, are self-funded candidates going to be the rule?

    Just my $0.02. I'm not sure where I stand.

  • Chuck Paugh (unverified)
    <h2>Our state legislature isn't using the current time they have allotted to them efficiently to address the problems facing our state. Do you really think that the legislature would operate any more efficiently by meeting annually? I had to laugh to myself this morning listening to Meredith Wood Smith, DPO Chairwoman, on the "Think Out Loud" OPB radio program this morning when she blamed the failures of the Oregon legislature on the governor because HE had not presented the state legislature with enough bills for consideration. Perhaps the chairwoman needs to take a civics class and learn that it is not the responsibility of the governor to introduce legislation to the state congress but rather the other way around.</h2>
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