WW interviews candidates for Secretary of State

In its ongoing series of endorsement interviews (which we'll bring you here at BlueOregon all week), Willamette Week has interviewed the candidates for Secretary of State - and posted the video online:

Visit their websites to learn more about the candidates - Kate Brown, Rick Metsger, Vicki Walker.


  • JHL (unverified)

    LOL! Kate Brown says people are frustrated about out of state interests... but she's got how much money from out of state PACs? Like, $50,000 or something? So, like, is she going to scoop up all that money, get elected, and then close the door for other candidates? Whatever.

  • (Show?)

    I've watched it.

    I thought all three candidates came across OK. Maybe they could do better if they were asked harder and more thoughtful question on bigger issues. I'd call it a draw.

    Again, I was disappointed by the quality of the questions. I see the Secretary of State primarily as our backup governor, so I don't just want questions about audits and elections, but about the broader issues facing the state, like budget/tax priorities, prison construction, does "sustainability" really give us an economic edge, how should we respond to the rise of China (my favorite), what can the state do for economic growth, what do we need to do about the subprime mortgage crisis, what transportation solutions can we afford, and the like. And, please, questions that go to the hard choices we face rather than the easy answers.

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