WW interviews candidates for Mayor of Portland

In its ongoing series of endorsement interviews, Willamette Week interviewed Sho Dozono and Sam Adams together:

Watch and discuss.

  • James X. (unverified)

    "Down the road, specifics are important?" "I just got in this race in January?" Ballots are going out in two weeks. Sho really needs a more coherent answer to "Why are you running?" Later, it became more clear that he's thought about the job, but overall, it seems like he leaped first and looked second. I realize that because of the limited amount of time he had, that's not far off, but he needs to work on how it comes across.

    Sam, on the other hand, needs to do something with that cowlick. I'm seriously questioning his judgment right now.

    I was surprised to hear Sho so fundamentally criticize Tom: "I don't think he was prepared to run this city." It's an especially interesting criticism given that some might think that of him.

    Sho's position that the mayor should be neutral to positive about new Wal-Marts coming to Portland was an interesting point of contention.

    "With the camera running and people not wanting to be exposed," Sho won't name anyone behind the poll, which isn't the best soundbite for him.

    Sho thinks Portland politics are too negative compared to politics in other American cities, and says that's the consensus of everyone he talks to. I think politics in Portland and in Oregon in general are pretty tame, myself. What do other people think?

    Also, every news organization should put out endorsement videos. Kudos to Portland Community Media for putting these together.

  • Runtmg (unverified)

    At the end of the day, it really saddens me to think there is a real choice here. Sho will be a pawn of the PBA. Sam Adams is a politician to be sure, but the guy isn't just some PBA guy thrown in the race to serve the PBA at the expense of everyone else.

    Sam Adams was one of the holy trinity that has ran this city the last few years and they have ran the city well I believe. Sho's wal-mart answers should serve notice. If sho has his way more strip malls in Portland!

  • james (unverified)

    I don’t understand why Sho just didn’t answer the question about the poll. It was a simple question, why would he hide the answer. Listen, if there are folks from City Hall, even the mayor, paying for the poll, we need to know that, period.

    But more than anything, did Sho actually say that "Portlanders aren’t asking for specifics”? I’d say it was insulting if I was done being absolutely shocked at the arrogance.

  • Russell (unverified)
    <h2>While I am fairly set already on Sam, I found it incredibly disappointing how little Sho has thought about what he would do as mayor. A vast majority of the debate was Sho reiterating that with his business background he would bring a different perspective the Mayor's Office. This is true, however, it does not answer fundamental questions, such as what is his stance on transportation issues? How is he going to improve safety across the city for our multi-modal transportation system? He also showed a profound lack of understanding concerning the Sauvie Island Span Reuse Project. He stated early on in the interview that because of its failure there is $5.5m to work with, which is entirely wrong. I'm surprised a businessman would have made that mistake.</h2>
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