Yes, even OSU basketball can!

Dateline, Corvallis: The Oregon State Beavers just hired Barack Obama's brother-in-law... to coach men's basketball.

Pithy pseudo-quotes aside, it'd be hard not to improve the program over the results of its former head coach, but new coach Craig Robinson has a hard, hard road ahead of him. His last school, Brown University of the Ivy League, notched 19 wins in his last season there. If OSU even totals that in the next three years combined, it would represent a dramatic improvement.

But they'll graduate on time, right? Right?

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    from ESPN:'s Andy Katz reported earlier Monday that Robinson was on his way to Corvallis with his family and would accept the job if he got the impression the program could win and if his family liked the area.

    as much as i love living in Portland, Corvallis is a hard place not to like. if he's got school-age kids, they'll have a great time. even though i'm a Duck, it's important to have a good team at OSU; otherwise, what's the value in a Civil War victory?

    and there's no doubt that having the President's bro-in-law as the coach won't attract at least a few good players. especially since he appears to be a quality coach. beats the hell out of hiring Erickson for a year.

  • Hillary4basketball (unverified)

    Some key points from the 2008-2009 OSU basketball team: 1. The fans insist that the Oregon Ducks drop out of Pac-10 play for "the good of the conference" 2. Each player must say 10 times, during the game, "change!" 3. Team supporters must insult other fans because they don't fit the mold of the "movement" 4. If anyone DARES to question the coach, they are to immediately be branded as close-minded and must resign immediately. 5. Fans will call the visiting team fans and falsely tell them the games have been cancelled or moved to a different site. 6. There will be no actual scores kept; each game will be decided by caucuses where young fans will harass and freighen opponents, confuse the paperwork and then declare a HUGE victory for the Beavers. 7. All post game interviewes MUST be conducted by the "best political team" on television. 8. Please arrive early because I am sure President-elect Obama will be courtside at every game to cheer on "America's team." 9. Remember, that mean Hillary Clinton has ALWAYS been against basketball - in fact, I hear she tried to outlaw the game in 2002. Thankfully Senator Obama has ALWAYS loved the OSU basketball program. 10. Fans can not talk to others in Michagin or Florida until it suits "the movement's" agenda.

    GO "TEAM" GO!!!

  • DF (unverified)

    Under the last scenario it would be the Beavers who would be asked to drop out of the PAC 10. They are the ones losing.

    Next time have a sports fan write that up.

  • Admiral Naismith (unverified)

    Dammit! Does this mean that as a duck fan, I'm now obligated to support Clinton?

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    <h2>I hope not. But it makes "if it's not Civil War, I pull for the Beavers" MUCH more palatable.</h2>
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