Another Superdelegate for Obama: Wayne Kinney

Wayne Kinney, a DNC committeeperson from Bend, has announced his support for Barack Obama.  He joins Meredith Wood Smith, who announced earlier today, and four other superdelegates backing Obama.  Oregon has 12 in all.  Two have announced support for Hillary Clinton.  Kinney wrote in a statement:

For the first time in 40 years, Oregon Democrats had a presidential primary that mattered. Presidential campaigns had offices in places that had never seen them before. Wayne_kinneyIt seemed as though you couldn’t turn around without seeing a candidate, or at least a member of the family. Turnout was the highest it’s ever been.

It’s going to be a really good year for Democrats. Oregon Democrats will be right in the thick of it. We have Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton to thank for that. They have run hard in the longest, toughest presidential contest Democrats have ever seen. There is no other Democratic presidential primary contest that even compares with this one.

Senator Obama wasn’t supposed to be able to get this far. One member of Congress from Illinois said that for Sen. Obama to win the nomination, he’d have to be perfect. He’s been pretty damned good. The fact that this nomination is still inches from being decided is a testament to the abilities of both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton.

While there are a few primaries left to go, it’s now over for Oregon. Sen. Obama won our state by almost 18 points. He is very close to winning a majority of the delegates he needs to be our nominee for President.

But there should be more to my decision than that. After all, we automatic, “super” delegates are not automatons. We are not here to ratify. We’re expected to use our judgment. Here’s mine: After watching Sen. Obama for more than a year, it’s clear that he offers an ability to lead and inspire that’s been sorely lacking in this country.

Senator Obama will win our nomination, and will be our President. It felt good to write that sentence.


  • Matthew Sutton (unverified)

    Right on Wayne!

  • Mari Anne (unverified)

    Barak is the only candidate I have ever personally witnessed that can inspire people to action across the board. We can not change this world for the better without moving people to action. After the General it is going to take all of us to move a progressive agenda forward. The inspiration that Obama inspires in people is like Gold for those of us in the political world. Thanks Wayne!

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    While I voted for Obama, it seems like three of the remaining four (Dixon, Rasmussen, Bradbury, Wyden) should go to Clinton, given the percentage of the vote she received in the state. (Splitting supers 7-5).

    Of course, we could also argue (as Kinney does) that Supers are there for a reason, and that they shouldn't simply follow their state's popular vote.

    Thanks, Wayne -- and enjoy Denver!

  • Bill R. (unverified)

    Way cool! Thanks, Wayne.

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    Way to go Wayne. Hope this brings in your two buddies in the DPO to join you and Meredith.

  • Gwen (unverified)

    Thank you for your confidence in Barack Obama. I think we will all have much to be pleased with in his Presidency. He won't be able to solve all the problems on day one, but I think the USA will start to look and feel different.

  • Heather (unverified)

    Wayne, you ROCK! Thank you!

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    Never doubted that Wayne would land on his feet. He's The Pro from Dover in our little world.

  • Avalanche Hockey (unverified)

    Thank you Wayne!! You definitely made us proud!

    And to Stephanie and your hrc "SD theory", uh - thanks, but no thanks.

    Obama ROCKS // Wayne Kinney ROCKS!!

  • Steve Bucknum (unverified)

    Thanks Wayne - and belated thanks to Meredith.

    Denver should be fun for all!

    I'm looking forward to the landslide this fall.

  • Lisa C. (unverified)

    Thanks, Wayne for getting us closer to a nominee so we can become a united party for the fall election!

  • Cherie (unverified)

    Thank you for your support of the Peoples Candidate!

    Enjoy Denver!

  • Mitchie (unverified)

    Thank you!!!!

  • backbeat, woman (unverified)

    Wayne, Thank you so very, very much.

  • Mike Schryver (unverified)

    Well said, Wayne (and that goes for Meredith as well).

  • Martin H. (unverified)

    Very nicely put, Wayne. I agree with you - after having watched Obama for a year or so, it is clear that he has excellent leadership abilities. Only this ability was he able to steer his campaign - against all odds - towards the nomination. Imagine beating the Clinton machine without having a name to it!

    Go Obama - go Wayne!

  • Will (unverified)

    Thanks Wayne.

    I'm a New Yorker (way upstate) who has been inspired by Barack since seeing him at my daughter's university (IU), and who is keenly aware that Hillary will do anything (including moving into my state) to get elected. I don't trust the Clintons, and I believe Obama has a far greater capacity for doing good.

    Thanks again.

    Will Upper Jay, NY

  • vanessa (unverified)

    thank you Wayne. though I have supported Barack Obama for some time, I have kept an open mind for all the democratic candidates. Though I have agreed with some of HRC's plans, I feel Barack Obama is the candidate that will work better with others in getting his ideas passed.

    thank you again for your support

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    Thank you Wayne for helping Oregon and the party move forward.

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    Not Bad for a Red Sox Fan!

    Go Go White Sox!

    Thanks Wayne

  • RichW (unverified)

    Only 45 delegates needed for Obama... at least until they move the goal posts back with the Michigan and Florida Delegates being added in some configuration.

  • John F. Bradach, Sr. (unverified)

    Thanks Wayne.

    Come on Ron!

  • Bert Lowry (unverified)

    Very nicely put, Wayne. And I also enjoyed Meredith's op-ed in the Oregonian. It's reassuring to know we have smart principled people leading the party.

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    Yea, I certainly hope they don't give them more than half their votes for Michigan and Florida. Oregon was going to be penalized pretty heavily if we moved our primary date, and we were only going to move it to Super Tuesday - not into January.

    Giving them their full delegation would be an slap in the face of states like Oregon that played by the rules. Not to mention that the only way we're ever going to be able to fix the primary calendar is by the states knowing they'll be punished if they don't follow by the rules set forth by the DNC.

  • Liz (unverified)

    Thanks Wayne! I am a 49 year old female that is a registered Republican. I haven't voted for a Democrat since Carter. But I am voting for Obama! Yes Wayne, I saw what you saw. Even though I've voted Republican, I watch political debates and political news and will vote for who I feel is the best candidate. In these primaries, I was introduced to Obama and I have been impressed with his integrity and ability to unite our Country! Not to mention that he has drawn young people into this election! They're our future. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE!

  • PDXer (unverified)

    Our country is in dire need of ethical, visionary leadership. Leadership that inspires and appeals to the best in Americans to transcend race and superficial divisions. Wayne, your choice to endorse Barack Obama is correct. At this time in the history of our country, we need Obama's message.

  • PDXer (unverified)

    Our country is in dire need of ethical, visionary leadership. Leadership that inspires and appeals to the best in Americans to transcend race and superficial divisions. Wayne, your choice to endorse Barack Obama is correct. At this time in the history of our country, we need Obama's message.

  • Margie (unverified)

    a heartfelt THANK YOU! Obama represents a true glimmer of hope, bringing together rather than dividing - locally, nationally, globally. Deeply impt. Thank you, Wayne.

  • alex (unverified)

    from a non-oregonian, all i can say is OREGON ROCKS!

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    Ever play poker, Jack? I quote from the Gospel According to Rogers:

    "You gotta know when to hold 'em; know when to fold 'em."

    It is time to end this, and Wayne has put us one step closer.

  • Rebecca Bonney (unverified)

    Thanks Wayne! You are so right about Sen. Obama's ability to lead and inspire.

    La Grande says Hello!


  • jimmymac100 (unverified)

    "It felt good to write that sentence."

    It felt good to read it. Thanks, Wayne.

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    Great statement, Wayne. Nicely put.

  • Gretchen V. (unverified)

    So many have said it, Obama is inspiring. What I've observed is that he's inspired an impressive standard of behavior among his supporters, which makes us all feel good about our involvement and invested for the long haul in this process. Good choice, Wayne! Thank you!

  • Mary Ann Hart (unverified)

    Thank you, Wayne!

    Everyone in Central Oregon for Barack Obama thanks you!!

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    After all, we automatic, “super” delegates are not automatons. We are not here to ratify. We’re expected to use our judgment.

    Thank you, Wayne, for giving "superdelegates" a more alturistic appearance while not undercutting the immense responsibilty such a position entails.

    These are people, folks. Let's not lose sight of that, no matter what candidate we support.

  • Keith Clinton (unverified)

    Right on Wayne! Barack Obama is the right candidate at the right time. We need to fix SO much - he is the right leader to help us get it done.

    Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the rest - we ALL will need to work together for meaningful change after this November's elections. The President cannot do it alone. He will need us to work hard for this country to end a war, change our health care system, solve the energy crisis, preserve the planet for our grandchildren, and restore our good name around the world.

    To Hillary supporters - she fought the good fight. But to use her own words - "A win is a win." According to DNC rules, Obama will be our candidate in a few more days. We need to turn our attention to defeating the Republicans.

    Imagine four or eight more years of Republican "leadership." This would mean permanent tax cuts for those making over 1/4 million dollars per year, a dubious health care system that benefits the rich (as is does now), a war that will last another 4 to 100 years, big oil men still being in charge of our national energy "policy", more ignoring of the plite of the poor, and more ignoring our desperate need for infrastructure repair and replacement like roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, trains, and the inner cities.

    John McCain proudly states he's never asked for an earmark for his state. Does he not know what his job is? It is to fight for his constituents and get as much money as he can to take care of them and do things like repair infrastructure. If he becomes our president he will be representing ALL of us. We will ALL be his constituents - but he doesn't seem to think we should spend any money on infrastructure. But, he thinks it's OK to spend $12Billion per month on an unjust, immoral, "preemptive" war.

    Again, let's put the primary fight behind us and join hands to defeat McCain and get on with fixing America.

    Thanks again Wayne!!

    Keith Clinton

  • Ashley (unverified)


    You made a terrible mistake!!! I asure you that you will regret about it in the near future!!!

    Enough is enough for male dominance.

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    I'm sorry, but this is about a lot more than male vs. female. And I get really tired of people saying that. This situation could be flipped the other way - that enough is enough for white dominance in this country. Either statement is just ridiculous and diminishes all of both candidates' great records, accomplishments, etc. down to something they have no control over.

    No matter which one gets the nomination, it would be a historic day in this country - either a woman or an African American would be our nominee. But the fact that one is a woman or one is an African American isn't enough in itself to vote for him or her. They have to have issues you believe in, positions you agree with, etc. And thus far the voters in this country have shown that they agree with Senator Obama more than they do Senator Clinton.

  • Jonathan Radmacher (unverified)

    Does anyone else think that the amount of capitalized letters in "jacksmith"'s post suggest that he may be a former Ron Paul supporter, conspiracy theories and all?

  • Leo Schuman (unverified)

    Thanks Wayne. The DPO is in goods hands.

  • Gordon Morehouse (unverified)

    Shh, Jonathan, don't let THEM know you know about the FEMA camps. :-?

  • Munir Katul (unverified)

    Oregon superdelegate Gail Rasmussen endorsed Obama today 5/29. She is a DNC member and an OEA official.


  • Caribprince (unverified)

    Response to jacksmith:

    I empathize with your disappointment, and pain, but let's be real; Hillary Clinton has been the establishment candidate from day one. She ran a bad campaign because she underestimated the power of the grassroot. The Clintons have never been populist---they have never really been on the side of the poor, and the working class. Everything they have done has been unprincipled and calculated. Hillary voted for the war knowing that it was the wrong thing to do. She was positioning herself to run for president, hence principles, sacrificing young American lives, and the Iraqi people were not on her mind. The Clintons have destroyed their legacy because they have pulled every type of devisive trick to distract the American people, but every effort has backfired. There is nothing as powerful, as an idea whose time has come. It is Barack's and the American peoples' time.

    The Clintons have committed numerous trangressions against the American people, they need to atone.

    Here are just some:

    1)Bill Clinton signed into law a bill that denies federal student aid to anyone (mostly young minority students) who has a drug charge against them.

    2) Welfare reform has been a disaster to poor communities, on a daily basis I see children that are hungry, and have minimal access to government benefits.

    3) Rupert Murdock, the scrooge of a free and heterogeneous press; gave one of the first fundraisers for Hillary Clinton.

    4) Hillary Clinton has planted the seed in the minds of racist fanatics to assinate the first Black president, if she had made this "gaffe" once, it might have been excusable; but twice...gimme a break this is something that she must have been thinking about----possibly hoping for.

    4) The Clintons have cried fowl throughout this process, when they were the ones who have the stench on their hands.

    5) Meaningful change does not happen from the top happens from the bottom up....

    There is people power in the Obama campaign...He will be moved by the people to affect meaningful change...God Bless America, and God Bless President Obama....

  • Michael (unverified)

    I am so disappointed that Wayne, you have joined the Oregon power structure in supporting Senator Obama. After the dirty campaigning that the Obama campaign ran in Oregon I am dismayed that you would support someone who uses the Karl Rove Playbook of dirty tricks! From organized Hillary sign stealing to illegal ballot box at PSU, the Obama campaign's Chicago style politicking is very unfortunate. What were you promised for your support? Come clean Wayne! NARAL was guaranteed that all money lost from members opposed to the Obama endorsement would be made up by his slush fund. We are now hearing that elected officials are being threatened that the millions Obama has will be used against them in upcoming elections. This is the integrity you think we should have in a US President? I am afraid your support for Obama, if he is the nominee, has helped ensure McCain will be our next President. Senator Obama will just not be able to beat him. Not when the millions of informed Democrats refuse to vote for him and when the Independents are influenced by the dirt the Republicans bring out on Obama if he is the nominee. This is not a good time for America.

  • Tanya (unverified)

    Wayne, what happened? Why would you go with an unknown when we have such an exceptional candidate in Hillary Clinton? If Obama is the Democrats' nominee then we are taking a big risk. When has he demonstrated that he can be an effective change agent? He was in the Illinois Senate for eight years. What is the momentous change in that legislature that Obama led? I have heard nothing about it in the campaign so if you have the inside scoop, do tell! He has spent two of his three years in the US Senate running for President and has missed close to 40% of the votes in the Senate as a result. You can tabulate this on his own website. What has he done as a US Senator to bring about change if he is such an effective leader? He is a good speaker with well paid speech writers. He did not speak like a preacher when he delivered that wonderful speech at the 2004 Convention but he sure does now. His money buys him a lot of polishing that has effectively lured so many to him, including you Wayne. There are a lot of people suffering now financially and otherwise and Obama makes them feel good. That is all they are looking for. But, I wish all of these supporters who think he is so inspiring would look at what has he inspired to be accomplished at the national level? Getting crowds is one thing, the crowds don't change the power structure, getting the power structure to change is another matter. I seriously doubt the Republicans will be inspired by this arrogant newcomer with so little experience who tells them he is going to lead them in collaborative change. I agree with Michael, once the Republicans go after him and his shadow side is shown, a lot of this hoopla will go away. Unless so many Democrats refuse to see the truth about Obama the way the Republicans refused to see the truth about Bush and voted him in a second time. It is all the same behavior just now its Blue instead of Red.

  • Nikki from Bend (unverified)

    Caribprince and the rest of you - what was it about the Clinton presidency's peace and prosperity you did not like? Or is it that you were just too young to know what that means. I think that all of these young adults that grew up under the Bush administration do not understand what it is like to have a President who has the ability to make her own decisions based on knowing and understanding all of the issues. If Obama wins he will not be making the decisions, he will be relying on advisors - that is who will be running the country and we will not know who they are. With Clinton we at least know she will be in charge. Her service in the US Senate for the last nine years and her years in the White House certainly give her a lot more to go on in being a leader. She will have advisors of course but they will be more for input. There is no question she will be the President, no so with Obama. He will be giving the inspirational speeches to keep the masses placated while his behind the scenes people will be running the country. Very Scary! Thanks to Wayne and the other misguided Democrats who are supporting this ill-prepared candidate, if he wins the nomination we will likely not win the White House.

  • Terry (unverified)

    Hillary is the RIGHT kind of change to lead this country. If the super delegates choose Obama, it's political suicide for the democratic party. Whatever happened to democracy? The last time I checked, Hillary has the popular vote. She should get the nomination hands down. Obama is just too liberal for my liking. I'll just have to switch parties and pull the lever for McCain. Hopefully, you super delegates will come to your senses before it's too late.

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